Monday, June 11, 2012


Thought you might like to see how my Up-cycled Ladder Shelf looks now.  I try to change it for the seasons.

I'm so excited.  I just finished hanging my new sign I got Friday in Jamesport -- WE ARE SO BLESSED.  

I saw this idea on Pinterest of taking an old ladder and hanging it horizontally on the wall and using the sides as shelves.  It took me a couple of months but I found the ladder at an antique show in Weston.  It was the perfect length for my wall that really needed something to show it off.  I filled it with pictures of my grandchildren (of course), a peach scented candle (my husband was called "Peach" in college by his frat brothers because he was from GA), a beautiful paperweight I received as a present from a student one year at Christmas, and a little vase that belonged to my mother that I put a little silk flower in.  The hanging heart was given to me to decorate a lamp at Christmas by a friend.

The ladder hung on the wall with just that for at least a month, before I found the wooden blocks that spelled SMILE and the wooden sign that has Life Is Good painted on it recently when I went to a vintage shop with my friend Janice.  I have a cap and a t-shirt that says Life is Good on it so I knew as soon as I saw the sign, that I had to have it for the top "shelf" of the ladder.  Friday, Janice and I went to Jamesport, an Amish community, in northern MO.  I was hoping I would find something to hang from the bottom "shelf".  And I did find several things that I liked, but when we saw the WE ARE SO BLESSED, I knew I had to have it.  I had a little trouble deciding on the color of the board as they had 4 different ones.  But I am so pleased with it and the whole look.  

Did you notice the other hook that is holding the ladder on the wall doesn't have anything hanging from it?  Well, I am still looking for just the perfect thing to use there.

If you haven't realized it, everything I have on my ladder shelf has a special meaning to me.

I hung the sign using a tip from Pinterest.  It made it such a breeze.  Once I decided where I wanted to put the "eye hooks", I put a piece of tape across the space.  My helpful husband drilled a tiny hole in the sign for me to screw in the hooks.  (I could have drilled the holes, but I like for him to think I couldn't live without him. ha)
   Then I removed the tape and stuck it on the underside of the ladder so he would know where to drill the holes in the ladder for the hooks.  

It worked perfectly.
I like that every time I walk by it going into the living room or come up the stairs from the family room, I will see it and be reminded of just how blessed I am.


  1. Your creative shelf is very nice and worth all our efforts>

    1. We did have fun searching didn't we Janice but we still need to find something to hang from the one hook.

  2. How did you hang the ladder? those hangers look familiar. :)

    1. Sorry I didn't answer your question sooner, Nancy. My husband and I escaped the cold by spending a week in Florida before going on a 2 week cruise to the Southern Caribbean.

      I used two old hooks that my husband had that have been around for years. I tried searching and found many utility hooks that would work but couldn't find the particular one I used. Initially it bothered me that the lower hook was showing, but now I like that I have a way of hanging something from above. Sorry I couldn't find the exact name to help you out. If you find them, please let me know what they are called. Patricia

    2. Ok, Nancy, I searched some more and they are zinc single coat and hat hooks. I found them at True Value for 98 cents for two. National Hardware has them on Amazon. Hope this helps. Patricia