Friday, June 29, 2012


Just in time for your Fourth of July Celebration!  FIREPOPS!

These things are so-o-o-o-o addictive. Trust me! You can't eat just one. They are so addictive that they are also called Reindeer Poop before Christmas and Snowman Poop in  the winter. I wanted some in the spring, so I created Easter Bunny Poop at Easter. AND now Firepops!  
Wonder what will be created next?

It all started when Carol, one of the Kearney Girls, (that's what we call a group of friends who all live in Kearney) created the Snowman Poop and then, because who doesn't like chocolate, Reindeer Poop. You use chocolate candy coating or chocolate chips to make the Reindeer Poop otherwise just the white candy melts or almond bark for the Snowman Poop.

Then because it is so addictive, I came up with Easter Bunny Poop using food coloring to create pastels.  As with the 4th of July Firepops, I worked with small portions of melted almond bark or white chocolate chips or candy melt wafers.  Control the color with the amount of food coloring you add...the more drops of coloring, the darker the mixture.

Here are the ingredients that you need to make this snack:

Corn Pops - one brand (puffed corn)
Candy Coating--Candy Melts, Almond Bark, or White Chocolate Chips
Food coloring

Follow the directions on the package for melting the candy coating. I have used both methods --a double boiler (water in the bottom pan brought to a boil and then melt the candy coating in the top pan) and in the microwave. This time I used the microwave. I placed about half of the package in a microwave safe bowl and heated it for 1 minute at 50% power.  When you take it out of the microwave, it doesn't look like anything happened, but when you start stirring, the wafers start melting. I had to repeat this one more time for 30 seconds at 50% power to finish melting it all. I did the white color first. I took a couple spoonfuls out to save for the red and just dropped the corn pops in the bowl and stirred.

I always start off stirring with a spoon and end up using my hands. Once the puffed corn is covered, lay the pieces out on wax paper or I used parchment paper since I had it in a single layer to dry separately.

Then I repeated the process of melting the candy melts and added red-red icing color and royal blue. I was afraid I would have to use the whole bottles of food coloring to attain a red and blue, so I purchased the Wilton icing color. When I had the three colors done, I had a little candy melt left over, so I decided to do a little more red since I had done the least amount of it. I didn't use as much red coloring as I had the first time, so this last little bit are not as dark as the first ones. You might notice them in the picture. Here are the three colors waiting to dry -- this doesn't take long as they are practically dry by the time you lay them out.

If I manage to have any left, I can't help but eat one every time I go by them, I plan to take them to Hillcrest Thrift Shop for the other volunteers to enjoy when I go to work my shifts on Tuesday.

Now what holiday is next? Will have to be thinking of some excuse to make them. Got any ideas?Trust me, if you make these, you will be trying to think of ways to present them. too!


I made some to take to a 4th of July gathering with friends and bought a 12 oz bag of white candy melt, a 12 oz bag of royal blue candy melt, and an off brand 18 oz bag of red. I used the whole 12 oz bag to cover about 2/3 of an 8 ounce bag of puffed corn. By the time I was through I had made quite a bit.


  1. This was awesome and my kids loved it! I used 2 bags of the candy melts for 1 bag of puffed corn. I also used the different colors of candy melts instead of using food coloring, which worked out great and less mess.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Glad it worked out well for you.

  2. Is the corn pops cereal? Or the corn pops you find in the chip section? Thanks

    1. They are found in the chips section. I do not recommend the ones that say "buttered". They are "too much" , if you know what I mean. The plain ones are the best. There are a couple of brands out there. Thanks.

  3. The 4th of July fire pops look truly amazing. I am so pleased to have recipe here and would love to try this for my son’s upcoming birthday. We will be booking best kids’ event venue NYC but I would be making party food on my own. If you have more inspirations, please share.

    1. Thanks Steven. Check out the recipes under the label Birthday and Party Fun. Happy early birthday to your son.