Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I saw these candle holders recently in a vintage shop for sale and was immediately drawn to them.  When I looked at them closely, I realized they would be so easy to make.  I just needed a saucer and a globe from a chandelier. "Well,  I can get plenty of these at the thrift shop where I volunteer," I told my friend, Janice. 

 So, for $2  I had what I needed from the thrift shop and since I had some Super Glue for Glass at home to use, I was in business.  I actually plan to take these back to the thrift shop to sell in our recent "Up-Cycled" area to show people what they can do with items they can find in a thrift shop.  I hope we can get $4 for them.  I will be real excited if we do.  The one above has a flameless candle in it.  The ones below actually have a votive candle in them.  

As I said, this was so simple and took literally minutes to do.  

Here is what you need to make these votive candle holders:

  Simply spread Super Glue for glass along the bottom of the globe...

 and then place it in the middle of the saucer or whatever glass "plate" you are using and allow to dry.

 Put pressure on the globe for 15 to 60 seconds.

 Allow to sit for 24 hours before you use it.  This glue says it is dishwasher safe.

Here are  pictures of two other ones I made.

With votive candles.  I think at night the etched design on these globes will look really pretty.

I think I am going to have to make some of these for myself in addition to the ones I make for the thrift shop to sell!

Let me know how yours turn out.


  1. They are beautiful and should sell easily......Good up-cycling idea!!!!

    1. Thanks, Marie. I have 4 more ready to make but waiting to see if these 3 sell first. I am hoping they will sell, but we will see. It will just take the right customers.