Saturday, June 16, 2012


Joy is.....
  • having a friend to come check on the cat, Miss Sara, and water the plants and garden when you are out of town!
  • getting out of the truck and the grandchildren run out the front door to give you a hug! 
  • watching the grandchildren excited about what you have brought them!
  • reading a book to the granddaughter who isn't reading yet! and Later having her tell you that she doesn't like storytime, BUT she likes to listen to you read to her!!!!!!
  • seeing the other two grandchildren enjoying reading on their own! and
  • then watching all three of them totally into their books!
  • sharing the granddaughters' excitement with their new dresses you had made!
  • hearing the giggles as they surprise you with a "belated" birthday party!

  •  creating a western town with a gazillion Lincoln logs and then having fun playing with it!
  • coloring ( a favorite activity of both of the girls)!

  •  knowing that if you had three hands, they would all hold one; if it were possible, they would all sit by you in the car and at the table!
  • most of all, being called "Grandmother"!!!!!!

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