Saturday, June 23, 2012


Since we weren't able to get with our son, Patrick, and his family to celebrate my birthday before we went to COS and we were still in COS for Father's Day, we met them this morning at Roxanne's in Platte City for brunch to celebrate.  They had a full schedule for the day as they were going to go celebrate Lori's grandfather's 99th birthday so I didn't get all the pictures I wanted.  The other problem was my camera battery pack died.  Seems like I just recharged it, but I have been taking a lot of pictures lately.  I will have to take them when we get together the next time.  Want to get a picture of the 3 generations of males in the family with Patrick as I did with Jeffrey when we were in COS.

Here are some of the cute pictures I got of Madison and Tyler.  Tyler will be 4 months old next Thursday.  Hard to believe.  
Miss Madison Lynn
 She is studying the crayon here.  She did color the picture on the other side, but she would stop when I picked up the camera.
Mr. Tyler James

He was chewing on his upper lip.  It was so cute!  I almost got a picture of his dimples in the top picture.
Here Madison was interested in the pickles that were on her plate with her grilled cheese sandwich and fries.  Mommy (Lori) is in the background.
Enough looking, ready to eat.  Yummy!!!!!

Here is a picture of Patrick.  Fatherhood seems to agree with him.

Lori had planned to take half of Madison's grilled cheese sandwich with them to eat later, but Maddy had other ideas! 
One last look at handsome Mr. Tyler.

Even though our visit was brief, it was great being with them again and a special celebration with Patrick and his precious family.

We are so blessed!

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