Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father's Day, 2012, has almost come and gone.  I hope it was as good of a day for you and yours as it was for us in COS with our older son, Jeffrey, and his family.

I am glad that Father's Day is on a Sunday, because I can't think of a better way to spend the start of the day than by worshiping our Heavenly Father.  We heard a really good message about how the New Testament came about being.   
Since it was Father's Day, Jeffrey got to select the place we were going to eat brunch.  He selected Nana's Kitchen, a cafe in Falcon where he teaches school.  Here is a picture of him and Colby and Hallie.  Sadie didn't want to be photographed.
We decided to go home to change out of our "church clothes" before going to play miniature golf.  The kids were so excited.  We have talked about playing on several previous visits, but this was our first time to actually be able to do so.  Here is a picture of Jeffrey with all of his children .  Sara is also visible in the background of  the picture of Hallie.  Sadie was ready to be photographed here.  I took the picture of my husband in his true golf form and told him I was going to print it and put it in a "golf" frame I gave him a year or so ago that we have never put a picture in.
It was a lot of fun.  I must add that I took honors for lowest score.  Now if I could just do that on a real golf course.  Here is one more picture of the "gang" outside afterwards.
It was a beautiful day in COS today and while playing golf, we had to stop half way through and go get drinks to refresh ourselves.  As we got in the car Sara looked at me and said, "This would be a great time to go to that other place we had talked about going to while you were visiting."  I immediately agreed and when the kids heard we were going to YoYogurt, they showed their excitement and agreement.
Back home and some quiet time, the "fathers" watched the US Open on their laptops while the kids and I watched the movie, The Smurfs.  It was cute and fun for me to watch and enjoy with the kids. We ended our full day (after supper) enjoying the back yard and roasting some marshmallows.  Here are some pictures of the kids playing with the chickens and then "roasting fun".
Unfortunately we could celebrate Father's Day today with only one of our sons.  I took this opportunity to take a picture of three generations of males in our family.  When we celebrate Father's Day with our other son, Patrick, I will take a picture of my husband, Patrick, and his son Tyler.
So the girls wouldn't feel left out, I took a picture with them included.
I can't end this blog on  Father's Day without thinking about my daddy.  He was a loving husband and father, the perfect gentleman. Here he is with Mother.  They are celebrating together in Heaven.
Happy Father's Day, Daddy.  I love and miss you both.

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