Thursday, January 12, 2017


I think I have mentioned that I started 2017 off with a sinus infection. At least that is what I think I had. The official diagnoses was an acute supperative inflammation of the nasal sinus. I didn't see that title until the nurse came in to give me my discharge papers so I asked the pharmacist when I picked up my prescriptions if that was a sinus infection. She said she thought so.

I was almost through with my medication when I broke the corner off of one of my molars eating a granola bar so that I could take my antibiotic with food. I was almost finished with the bar. I only had one more bite to eat. I couldn't believe it. I really like my dentist, but going to the dentist has always been on my list of least favorite things to do. Since I always try to find something good in every situation, I was thankful that there was no pain. My tongue hasn't been too happy - the molar was in the bottom and my tongue rests against it.

I managed to get to my dentist for him to check it out yesterday. I prayed that my cough would be quiet and my nose too. You see as soon as my meds ran out, my sinuses started draining again and my cough which I developed the day after I saw the doctor, got worse. For the most part I thought my prayers were being answered until I ate lunch. Whether eating was the reason or not, by the time I got to my dentist at 2:30, my cough was nonstop and my sinuses were almost as bad. I was surprised that the dentist was willing to start the prep work for the crown with my coughing. I stopped him and told him I was concerned. Long story short, I will be going back next Thursday to do the prep. He did smooth the edge of the tooth off so my tongue would be happier. The gold inlay in the tooth is a different matter but the exposed edge of it doesn't bother my tongue too much as it is on the top of the tooth.

One reason I bothered you with this story is I usually bake something for my dentist and the staff when I go see them. Since I usually go only twice a year for my 6 month cleanings, at least Dee, the office manager, didn't ask me if I had brought anything when I walked in. (like Volunteer Mark does at Hillcrest Thrift Shop) I did tell them when I was leaving that I was about to mix up some brownies to bring them when my husband asked me to drive him to his doctor as he thought he had an ear infection or something. (He was dizzy and didn't think he should drive.) She laughed and said laughing, "So it is your husband's fault we didn't get anything." I told her I would bring something next week when I came back.

To be honest yesterday has been the first day that I really felt like getting back in the kitchen and these Mint Chocolate Brownies sounded so good. Nothing would do me but I decided to mix them up and put them in the oven to bake while we ate leftovers for dinner.

I asked my husband if he preferred fudgy brownies or cakelike brownies since the recipe had two different cooking times. He said he preferred fudgy ones so I only cooked them 25 minutes. We tried them after they had cooled a little and they are so good, so minty. I will have to make them again next Thursday when I go back to the dentist.  

Personal note: The Andes creme de menthe baking chips might be a seasonal item in the grocery store. I always buy several bags when I see them during the holidays so that I have them through out the year. You can buy the small Andes mints during the year. If this is all you can find, I would highly recommend doing this and just chop them up and add. They do melt in the baking so you just have that delicious minty taste.


2/3       cup sugar
1            stick of butter
2           tablespoons water
1            cup semisweet chocolate chips
1-1/2     teaspoons vanilla
2           eggs
1-1/4     cups flour
1/2        teaspoon baking soda
1/2        teaspoon salt
1            cup Andes creme de menthe baking chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly spray a 9 - inch square baking pan with cooking spray.

In a large microwavable bowl (I used my large batter bowl), heat sugar, butter, and water in the microwave for 2 minutes til butter melts.
(Just a little bit of the butter had not melted, but after stirring it with a wooden spoon a little bit, it completely melted.)

Add the chocolate chips
and stir til they melt and mixture is smooth.

Add the vanilla and let the mixture rest for 5 minutes.

Beat in the eggs, one at a time, until mixture is smooth.

Whisk together the flour, baking soda, and salt in a smaller bowl.

Add the flour mixture all at once
and stir til smooth. (I continued to use my whisk til the end and switched back to my wooden spoon to add the chips.)

Stir in the mint chips with the spoon.

Pour mixture and spread evenly in prepared pan.

Bake 25 minutes for fudgy brownies or 30 minutes for cakelike brownies.

Cool on wire rack.

Fudgy brownies will sink as they cool.

(If you want to have nice clean cuts on the brownies, cut brownies with a plastic knife.)

Then get ready to eat the absolute best brownie you have ever eaten.

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