Monday, January 30, 2017


I really love this Overnight Macaroni Casserole. It was almost better warmed up if you can believe it. It makes so much; I was able to enjoy quite a bit of it for several days warmed up. So I know what I am talking about.

Mary Miller, one of the ladies from the northern Indiana Amish community (Heritage Country Harvest Cookbook) prepared the casserole, let it set overnight, and then baked it the next morning. I didn't want to bake it in the morning because we wouldn't be eating it until dinner. So I got to thinking. (I know that sometimes can be dangerous.) I decided eight hours sounded like "overnight". So why couldn't I prepare it first thing in the morning, let it set all day (8 hours), then bake it for dinner? I decided it was worth the try.

I cooked the chicken breast the night before and cubed it. That was the only thing I needed to do ahead of time. I got up a little earlier than I usually do so that the casserole would have the eight hours to set before I cooked it that night. 

It turned out so cool. Our farkle group met that Monday afternoon and I didn't have to think about what I was going to make for dinner. When I got home, my husband was still at the gym working out, so I waited a little longer before putting the casserole in the oven.

It was so good. It's like mac 'n cheese with chicken.


2       cups uncooked macaroni
2       cups cooked chicken, (shredded or cut in bite-size cubes)
2       cans cream of chicken soup
2       cups milk
1/2    tablespoon salt
1/2    medium onion
1/2    teaspoon pepper (my husband said it needed more - I just sprinkled some on top before I ate mine)
3      tablespoons butter
1        cup grated cheese (I used sharp cheddar block cheese that I grated)

Heat milk and soup; then add seasonings
and cheese. Stir til cheese melts.

Combine the macaroni and chicken in a large bowl. (I used my large batter bowl.)
When cool pour over remaining ingredients.
Mix and
put in a greased casserole.

Let set overnight (8 hours). (Maybe it was obvious, but I put mine in the refrigerator.)

Next morning (or 8 hours later) bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.


To heat it up, I put a generous helping in a microwavable bowl - a little over a cup -, sprinkled a little water on it, covered the dish, heated it for 1 minute on 50% power first, and then 30 seconds on High (full power). Stirred it and it was ready to eat.


  1. Oh! I can't wait to try this! I have invited some from my new church to dinner on Friday. I warned them I didn't often cook for others and hadn't known yet what I was preparing. I think I'll make this! I'll serve it with a leaf salad and fruit salad. Oh and dessert!
    (Julie, on lunch, no time to sign in!)

    1. Funny. We really liked it, Julie. Have fun!