Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I usually look for new recipes to try so that I can share them here on my blog. Yesterday I felt like making an old favorite. Mock Chicken Fried Steak is one of my earliest recipes and one I used to make a lot. 

Last Friday my 40 lbs of ground beef were delivered. I ordered it from Zaycon Fresh; the same place I got the 40 lbs of chicken breasts that we are still enjoying. It came in four 10 lb rolls.

I made 14 hamburger patties but the rest I cut in 1-lb chunks and sealed them using my Food Saver vacuum sealer. One "bag" didn't seal so I just put it in the refrigerator and said I would make something with it.

That's when I decided I really would like to eat one of my mock chicken fried steaks. The recipe makes up quickly and doesn't take long to fry. Yes, it is fried, but ever once in a while is okay. I made it into 6 patties as the recipe instructs, cooked 2 of the them for our dinner, and prepared the other 4 and froze them individually for us to enjoy at another time - two times actually. (I have never tried this before. After the boys left home, I would just make 2 or 3 for us, put the rest of the mixture in the refrigerator, and then cooked them the next night. This time I went on and coated the patties with the cracker crumbs, placed each patty in a ziplock sandwich bag, and then placed the four bags flat in a gallon freezer bag. I will let you know how it works out.)

Since I have already shared the recipe in an earlier post, I hope you will forgive me if I just direct you to that POST and not rewrite the recipe here. I did have to crush more than the 10 crackers for the "breading" to make the 6 patties. I did just crush 10 crackers for the mixture.

Oh, btw, if you missed my post yesterday for the Loaded Banana Bread, you should certainly check it out. It is so good and so moist. My husband ate his first piece last night after dinner. I don't even think it was an hour later that he said, "That cake (he always called "breads" cake) was really good. I know I shouldn't, but I'm going to get me another piece."


  1. Oh this looks so good! Let me know when I should arrive for dinner when you make the frozen patties! ;-)