Thursday, January 5, 2017


I reminded myself twice last night as I went in the kitchen to refill my big water glass, that I should write up the recipe for today's post and both times by the time I got back downstairs to my comfy chair, it had totally skipped my mind. I will just blame it on my headache and other symptoms while I am dealing with acute suppurative inflammation of nasal sinus. That's a mouthful, don't you think? I think it is just a fancy way to say a sinus infection.

Fortunately, I have only been sick since Sunday night. We were able to ring in the new year with dinner and an evening of cards (canasta) with our friends, Janice and Leon Saturday night. Sunday morning we were up early to get to church to set up communion for the 9:15 worship service. (We also had to clean up and then set up/clean up for the 10:45 service.) After going to lunch, we went to Kohl's to spend some of my gift card that my husband gave me for Christmas. I didn't start feeling bad until after that, but by yesterday I was feeling worse and decided I should go to the doctor. Problem is my doctor is off on Wednesdays and not one of the other doctors in the clinic had an opening. I made an appointment for today, but told the receptionist that if I got to feeling worse, I would go the the Urgency Room and then cancel my appointment. (She thought that sounded like a good plan.) My cough did get worse and sounded terrible so after lunch I told my husband I thought I shouldn't wait until Thursday. (I really like to see the same doctor but I sometimes end up with bronchitis and I felt the sooner I got treated, the better. Besides we were forecasted for snow and bad roads for Thursday morning and I was afraid if that happened we wouldn't be able to get to my doctor's office Thursday.)

I had to wait 2 hours at the Urgency Room (lots of other people in their sounding like me) but the doctor said my lungs sounded clear but my sinuses were swollen. Hopefully, the meds he gave me will help me feel like my old self really soon.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided to put some chicken in my slow cooker so we would have something to eat for dinner. I got the idea when we were in CO visiting with our older son and his family. Dil Sara probably uses her slow cookers more than she uses any other pot/pan in her kitchen. With homeschooling their three older children, entertaining their 3 year old along with a couple of foster children, she needs all the help she can get. It is so easy to make up several recipes/ingredients, freeze them, and then take them out when she is ready to cook them. She also plans out her menus for the month, so that frees her up also.

Anyway, while we were there, she prepared a lemon chicken dish that cooked in one of her slow cookers. She has made it before for us when we visited. I asked her again this time what she had used for the lemon flavoring. She said it was just a lemon marinate that she buys in a bottle. That was all.

Well, I told her I was going to try it when we got back home using a 30 - minute marinate my husband had bought at Aldi Food Market. It was so good and the chicken was so moist. There were a couple of different "flavors" of marinate at the store. I will have to check them out when I go back the next time and see what the other flavor is. I will buy another bottle of the Hawaiian with pineapple juice from concentrate, too.

I meant to cook mine 6 hours on LOW, but forgot to reduce it to keep warm when I left for the doctor's office. It was fine with 8 hrs, but I think it would have been ready after 6 hours too.


2-4       skinless, boneless, chicken breasts (I had 2 really big ones and 1 smaller one.) Frozen is fine.
1          bottle marinate (I used 12 - fluid ounce bottle of 30 - minute Hawaiian marinate)

Spray the inside of your slow cooker with cooking spray (for easy cleanup).

Place chicken breasts in cooker - okay to overlap.

Pour marinate over the breasts to cover all. (The chicken breasts wasn't completely submerged by the marinate.)

Bake on LOW for 6 - 8 hours. (I always start on HIGH for about 30 minutes then lower temperature to LOW.)

Coat chicken in marinate in cooker before serving. 

Serve with additional marinate.

I didn't take a picture of my serving on my plate, but the chicken just pulled apart so nicely when I touched it with my fork. I did spoon a little of the marinate from the cooker over it before eating.

This is what it looked like here when I got up this morning.

Cars are going down the road behind our house, but I doubt we will be getting out today unless it is an emergency. That's what is nice about being retired. 

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