Friday, April 10, 2015


When we lived in CA, my husband always talked about going to Phoenix during Spring Training. Last year when we started thinking about vacation plans for this year, he mentioned he would like to go to AZ for Spring Training. Our traveling buddies, Janice and Leon, also thought that would be a good place to go.

When you are planning a vacation months in advance, you never know if you are choosing a good week or not. While our winter hasn't been too bad, snow amounts that is, it has been cold. Some of our cold weather ended up going south of us, it even snowed in Phoenix a week or so before we went. Before we left KC, it had been coolish if not cold, but it warmed up to the 50s and 60s while we were gone. But Phoenix also warmed up (above average temperatures) and we loved it.

We managed to go to two games while we were "away" and one "home". 

Our first full day there, Sunday, we went to a baseball game with the Royals against the Angels in Tempe on the Angels' home field. Our seats were great...third row from the field down the third base line just past the Royals' dugout. It was so exciting to be so close to the players warming up.

Here is a picture of us where we were sitting on the third row. The people who had the seats in front of us never showed up. What a perfect view we had!

 It was so exciting to be so close to the players warming up....

As became expected toward the end of the regular season last year, the Royals went ahead and won the game in the 9th inning.

But before the game could even get started, it was delayed because of a swarm of bees. It even made the news. We didn't realize that the bees had collected around a microphone in the protective net behind home plate. I did notice that no one was sitting on the first several rows in that area but not until later in the game when the bee keeper finally arrived and the game stopped again did we find out why. He had to spray the bees and then they swept up the huge pile of dead bees and the people came back to their seats and the game proceeded. (Not sure where those people were sitting for most of the game.)

The fuzziness in my picture is the bees swarming. I cropped the picture so they show up a little better. You can see the fuzziness in the same picture below.

Tuesday we were back to watch the Royals play baseball, but at their home field in Surprise. They share the stadium with the Texas Rangers. It is a new beautiful stadium.

Right after we went in the stadium, I saw the "W Guy", at least that's what I call him. At our home games, he parades across a walkway near the scoreboard carrying a big W when we win. I told him we had needed him on Sunday when we won (even though we weren't the home team), but he said he had just gotten in that day for the week. Unfortunately we lost that day, so he didn't get to make an appearance on the field after the game.
Janice came up and I had my husband take a picture of the two of us with him.

Before any of the players came out to warm up...

Once again we were on the third row down the third baseline. This time we got there early enough to get autographs of some of the players...
even Ned Yost, the Royals' manager.

Moustakas, Pena, Morales, Rios, ? warming up

The whole field from the "shade".

While we would have enjoyed watching more games, we did have other sights we wanted to see. I'll be sharing some of those in another post.

So far we have watched (on TV) the Royals win two games since the regular season has started. (They won yesterday too but I only got to see the highlights on the news.) How exciting it is to watch them even on TV after seeing them so close during Spring Training! Forever Royal!

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  1. What wonderful memories you have to share!
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