Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Thursday we drove up to Sedona. This is not to be missed if you are anywhere in Arizona. The landscape is just breathtaking. Our first stop was at Montezuma's Castle southeast of Sedona where the Sinagua lived as early as 700 AD. I have to thank my cousin Joanne for our stopping there. She had been there the week before and had posted a picture on Facebook. You can read more about it and the cliff dwellers HERE and HERE. 

This is a diorama that shows how the pre-Columbian Sinagua people lived and what it looked like inside. Until it was closed to the public in the 50s, visitors could actually climb up the side of the mountain and roam through the rooms. When the park  realized they needed to stop this practice, this diorama was made so that people would be able to see what "they were missing" (my words...ha) It is in a glass covered shadow box....thus the reflection you see in my picture.

Might be hard to see Beaver Creek running through this picture.

This picture is cool the way it shows some of the other "rooms" on the side of the mountain.

My husband and me. (When I posted this picture on Facebook, a friend asked if my husband was doing the Heimlich does sorta look like it, doesn't it? ha)

On to Sedona...and some of the beautiful scenery. I thought I took more pictures, but I guess I didn't. Cameras, at least my phone one, just can't do the land formations justice.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

On our way back, we were delayed for a bit by a multi-car accident on the interstate. While there were a number of vehicles involved, it didn't appear there were any serious injuries.
This is where we ate that night after we got back to Mesa. I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area. Midwestern Meats is a meat market, but also a restaurant and bakery.

And then it was Friday, our last full day in AZ. Since we hadn't planned any big outing, that meant trying to eat up the food we had bought at the grocery store and packing. Janice had made an appointment (since the hair salon we had found nearby seemed to be a popular place) to get her hair fixed that morning. 

After we got back to our place, we drove over to Tempe to eat at In - N - Out. Janice and Leon had never heard of them, but coming from CA, we were. I even splurged and got a chocolate milkshake. Yummy. This is the picture I sent to our sons (who love In - N - Out)

If you aren't familiar with In - N - Out, here is their simple menu

That afternoon, the guys decided to hang out at our place (my husband went to the pool) while Janice and I hunted out an outlet mall. 

Dinner that night was back at the Steak House by our resort. It was so pleasant we enjoyed our meal outside on the patio. Then back to our place for another evening of canasta.

Saturday morning we prepared to leave. Since we had both packed the day before, it didn't take that long to get everything in the car. Everything but the canasta cards. With a good hour and a half before we had to leave, Janice and I figured it was a good time to try to redeem ourselves with a few hands of canasta.  

At the airport I enjoyed my other favorite place to get a burger .... Smashburger. My son in CO introduced me to them. Everyone else ate next door at Wildflower Bread Co. We had enjoyed lunch at their Sedona location on Thursday. It was new to us. Apparently it is an AZ chain. We would highly recommend it, also.

After a couple of hours delay (sitting on the plane) due to mechanical problems, we arrived back in KC and ready for our next trip to Cape Cod in May. Janice and Leon have been there before, but we haven't. I promise to take more pictures this time.

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