Wednesday, April 15, 2015


After watching the Royals beat the Angels on Sunday, Monday we drove to Apache Junction and Superstition Mountain and the Apache Trail. 

Here we are with Superstition Mountains in the background. This was taken near the Superstition Museum.

Maybe you have heard about the Lost Dutchman's Mine. It is believed to be in the area. You can read more about Superstition Mountain and the area HERE.

We intended to go about half way round on the Apache Trail, but we didn't make it to even to Apache Lake, the second lake, because the paved road turned into a "washboard" dirt road. (The man at the resort where we were staying had told me to turn around at Roosevelt Lake, the third lake, because the road became dirt.....he was right about the road becoming dirt, just not when it happened.)

Here are some of the pictures I took on Monday.

Canyon Lake, the first lake on the Apache Trail loop...

Another view of Superstition Mountains. This was taken from Goldfield Ghost Town.

This sign was on the outside of the Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel near the museum. Janice and I thought it was a pretty good interpretation.

Wednesday was Janice and Leon's 55th wedding anniversary. We made plans to go to Rockin R Ranch for their BBQ dinner and stage show.

But I'm ahead of myself. Earlier that morning I treated myself to getting my hair fixed at a nearby beauty salon. Then Janice and I met our husbands at the Painted Mountain Golf Resort Steak House for a late breakfast. We didn't want to eat too much and not be able to enjoy our BBQ dinner that night. The food there is fantastic. It was right next to Westgate Painted Mountain Resort where we were staying. We ate there two different nights and enjoyed their Happy Hour.

After lunch, we went to downtown Scotsdale, in particular Old Scotsdale and walked around there for a couple of hours. Both of us had been there on previous trips but it was still fun. I added a new bracelet to my collection. Sorry I didn't get any pictures.

That night as I said, we went to the Rockin R Ranch for their BBQ dinner and stage show. The food was really good and we enjoyed the show that included lots of comedy and music. 

It was so much fun when Janice and Leon were invited on stage. 

They had to sing Happy Anniversary to each other....

They sounded pretty good. 

Here is a picture of us in front of the saloon that was taken before dinner. The saloon is used for receptions and private parties.
They even ended the evening with a gunfight in the western town.

Monday and Wednesday were busy days for us, but that is normal for us when we vacation together. It was so special for my husband and me to be able to celebrate Janice and Leon's wedding anniversary with them in such a fun way.

Hope you will check back later this week and see pictures from our day trip up to Sedona. As far as we are concerned, that is a must-see if you are in Arizona.

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