Saturday, January 10, 2015


I know I usually am posting recipes for delicious desserts. But I do enjoy finding recipes for healthier options for pancakes and waffles. We often will eat pancakes or waffles for our evening meal, especially if we had a bigger than usual lunch. So when I see a recipe for either and it looks interesting, I like to give it a try.

This recipe called Healthy Banana Pancakes was another recipe that I tried and we really enjoyed them. I did go on and use the real eggs but you could use the egg substitute to make them even "healthier". They also will make use of that one last banana you need to use. Hope you will give them a try.


2       eggs or equivalent amount of egg beaters
1        banana, mashed
1/2    cup oats, ground 
1/4    cup unsweetened applesauce
1        teaspoon vanilla
1/2    teaspoon cinnamon

Grind oats in blender to make oat flour. (This doesn't take long at all.)

Add all the ingredients together in mixing bowl and mix until blended

Cook on buttered skillet. (The steam from the skillet made the picture look a little "faint".)

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