Friday, November 21, 2014


I was doing much better by this time last year.  That's because I started scarves for grandchildren in the summer.  I realized the other night that I hadn't done anything for this year.

That's where the surprise comes in.  

I was checking out a couple of locations where I have yarn stashed. I know....that's not very organized.  I could use a "sewing room" about twice as big as my current one.  But I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon if ever.

Where was I? Oh, yeah! I was looking in one choice spot behind my chair in the living room and there in my yarn basket was this finished/unfinished scarf I had made last year. I would say I almost don't remember making it, but that doesn't sound very good at my age. It looked finished, but after I looked at the directions still in the basket, I saw that it had called for fringe. I guess that's why it was still in the basket, but I don't think it needs fringe. 

The pattern for this scarf has no name. It is just one of those free ones you find with yarn. It is easy to do. Since I didn't take pictures when I made the scarf, I did a sample using a yarn that will show the stitches a little better.


Use needle size US 8/5mm or whatever size you wish to use for desired size.

Cast on 22 stitches. (Make sure you cast on an even number of stitches if you wish to make it a different width.)

Rows 1 - 6 = Purl

Row 7 = P1. *yo, P2 tog*, repeat from * to * across until there is one stitch on the left needle, P1.

Rows 8 - 12 = Purl.

Row 13 = Repeat row 7.

Rows 14 - 18 = Purl.

Repeat these rows (7 - 18) until almost desired length.

Purl 6 rows.

Bind off.

Here are a few pictures that might help you if you are a beginner:

Cast on 22 stitches:

Purl the first six rows:

Purl means the right needle goes in front of the left needle not behind as with knit.

Purl 1, *yarn over, purl 2 together* repeat from * to * across, purl 1

After purling the first stitch, 

wrap the yarn around the right needle bringing it back in the position with purling.

to purl two stitches together, insert right needle in the next two stitches in front of the left needle and continue as if they were one stitch.

Continue across the row until one stitch is on the left needle. Purl this last stitch. (Purling the two stitches together creates the space you see in the pattern.) 

Purl rows 8 - 12 

When you are purling row 8, the yarn over from row 7 will look like this when you are purling...purl as normal.

This is what it will look after the first row in the series is purled.

Here is another picture of my finished scarf. It measures 5-1/2 x 71 - inches. I used Red Heart worsted (4) Black Fleck.

This is my current project I am working on.  It will be a scarf for someone. It is soooooo soft.
I cast on 16 stitches. The really great thing working with this fancy yarn, is you can just knit every row until you have the desired length.

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