Sunday, August 3, 2014


As I have said several times before, I don't do appetizers well.  The Northland NNL Dinner Club my husband and I belong to meets once a month for dinner.  The host provides the main course and everybody else brings the other dishes.  I usually sign up for dessert but sometimes I wait before signing up to see if anyone else wants to bring dessert. We met last night and I volunteered to bring an appetizer. I know... I said I don't do appetizers well and I don't. But it's always good to expand your horizons.

When I see an appetizer that looks interesting I try to save the recipe for future use.  I had saved this recipe for Lasagna Dip that I had seen on Pinterest from Closet Cooking because it looked like something I would also enjoy.  I had a dessert that I was wanting to try for a gathering, but Friend Sandi signed up for a dessert first. While I was trying to think of anything else I would like to bring, I remembered this recipe for Lasagna Dip that I had saved and so I signed up for an appetizer.

We met last night at Friend Nancy and Rich's home, so I took my Lasagna Dip.  I heard Keith asked his wife, Friend Carol, what the dish was and I heard her say, "Patricia brought it so it won't have any onions or peppers in it." (That's why I don't do appetizers well ... most appetizers contain onions and peppers and I don't enjoy eating either of those.) Anyway, I stepped in and told her that actually the pasta sauce had onions in it....some big pieces. Carol laughed.

Well, the dip was a big success and several asked me if the recipe would be on my blog. It is amazing how it does taste like lasagna.  I will definitely remember it again when I decide to be brave and sign up to bring an appetizer.


1       lb. ground turkey
2       cups of your favorite pasta sauce (I used a tomato and basil pasta sauce)
2       cups cottage cheese, ricotta or cream cheese, low fat (I used small curd low fat cottage cheese)
2       cups low moisture shredded mozzarella

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Spray rectangular baking dish with cooking spray (for easy cleanup).  My dish was a little smaller than a 9 x 13 - inch but a 9 x 13 - inch dish would be fine.

Cook turkey over medium heat in large skillet.

Add pasta sauce and simmer
until it thickens a bit about 3 - 5 minutes.

Spread cottage cheese in bottom of the baking dish.

Spread the meat sauce evenly over the cottage cheese.

Finally, sprinkle the mozzarella cheese over the top.

Bake for about 15 -20 minutes or until top is light golden brown and sides are bubbling. (Mine didn't get brown, but I baked it for 20 minutes and the sides were bubbling.)

Allow to cool before serving (just like you do when you make lasagna).

Serve with "dipper" chips.

I noticed that most people spooned some on their plates and then ate it with the dipper chips.

It was almost all gone by the end of the evening.

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