Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hard to believe we started our Quilt of Valour almost two years ago.  I hope you have been following our journey from the start.  We never planned to take so long but "life happened" and we had many delays.  

But here it is:

Last month when we met, only three of us were able to meet. Dorothy's friend had finished machine quilting it for us and it needed to have the binding added. So that is what Kay, Ellen, and I did.

I plan to do a tutorial of cutting and making the binding later and will link it to this post, but until then and for those of you who know how to bind a quilt, I want to pass on this one tip....just in case you have never done it. (I have put binding on many quilts and never thought to do this.  Thanks, Kay.)

After we had the binding ready, we laid the quilt on the floor and randomly choosing a place to start in the center of one side, we laid the binding down to make sure the seams weren't going to be at a corner.
We went all the way around the quilt....not to just the first corner.

After we got around to where we had started, Kay held the binding in place to start sewing with a hair clip.

The binding is finished and ready for our June gathering 
when we will all sit around (like an old fashion quilting bee), and hand stitch the binding down. See my empty chair?

Fran and Janice needed some reassurance re how to slip stitch the binding down, but it was a real fun (great) experience to conclude our nearly two year long journey. (I plan to include how to slip stitch down the binding when I publish the post on making the binding.)


Fran and Sharon....

Janice and Kay....

Kay and Ellen....

I really did work, too, just didn't get a picture of me.

And Ellen did the last stitch....

Dorothy took the quilt and she and Sharon are going to print a label for it.  Then it will be shipped off to the Quilt of Valor Foundation to be presented to a service man or woman who has been "touched"  by war to bring comfort and healing. I know this has been an experience none of us will soon forget.


  1. Lovely to see you Kay, & all your quilting ladies. The Valour Quilt is stunning! Great job everyone! I am a friend of Kay's. We met in Riyadh & she taught Gwen & I how to quilt. She is a terrific teacher & a wonderful friend.
    Catherine Nucci, Stouffville, Ontario

    1. Hi Catherine. I have learned so much from Kay. The quilt is beautiful. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. The quilt of valour is amazing, and hopefully will be a joy to the brave service person who receives it.
    Exquisite work ladies.
    I am delighted Kay is continuing her inspirational teaching. Kay's kind, patient words echo in my ears whenever I am making a quilt.
    Kindest regards
    Gwen Nevill, Wales, U.K.

    1. Thanks for your words, Gwen. Kay is a treasured friend of all of us, too.

  3. Well done, good and faithful servants of our military. It is already 2016 so not sure if you will read this comment. I just returned from my grandson's graduation from the USA AirForce Academy in Colorado. I learned so much more about those who serve and those who will be serving. I, too, am a quilter. Sure would have liked to join you gals. Kudos to all of you. God Bless you and the US of America.
    Geri Ankiel, Lake Stevens, WA

    1. Thanks Geri. We have so much fun making these quilts. It hasn't taken as long to make the other ones as it did this first one, but we love doing it. I am so glad I have friends that I can do this with. Congratulations on your grandson's graduation.

  4. I arrived her via a link on Pinterest. I have just finished reading ALL your posts on the making of this lovely quilt and enjoyed reading your stories and seeing all the ladies in your many photo's. Well done to you all. I wondered if you ever saw a photo of the lucky recipient receiving his/her quilt? Greetings to you all from a cold England :)

    1. Thanks Lesley. I am glad you followed the story through the whole process. When you make a quilt and send it to the QOV organization, you do not know who receives your quilt and they do not know who made it. We are almost finished with our third one. Stay warm. Hope to make it to England sometime.

  5. Hello Good Ladies,
    It is now November 1, 2017 and I'm also not sure you will see these words but...
    I also found your link on Pinterest and just finished reading your story regarding this first QOV and enjoyed reading about your fun times together making this quilt. Just wanted to give you a mark of excellence for doing this fine work. I'm so very proud to share this country with such fine ladies as yourselves. I'm sure your 2nd and 3rd quilts were just as beautiful as this 1st one and I take my hat off to you for sharing this story with me and the rest of the world. May God continue to bless each of you!

  6. Thanks, Gary for your kind words. I will certainly read them to the other ladies in the group tomorrow when we meet to play canasta. I think we made a total of four quilts. The last two we donated to a group in a nearby city that makes and gives quilts to veterans in the area. The experience is certainly something we will always remember and it was an honor to pay homage to the special men or women who received the quilts.