Thursday, June 19, 2014



1/4       teaspoon salt
1/4       teaspoon black pepper
1/4       teaspoon paprika
2          boneless center cut pork chops
1           tablespoon olive oil
1           cup orange juice
2          tablespoons maple syrup
2          tablespoons orange marmalade

Combine the salt, pepper, and paprika in a small bowl.

Rub (or pat) the seasonings on one side of the pork chops. (If you want to season both side, double the amounts of seasonings.)

Over medium heat, brown the chops on both sides in a skillet with the olive oil.

Add the orange juice, 

cover, reduce the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes on each side.

To serve, drizzle the maple syrup over each chop to cover completely.

Then spread the marmalade over each chop.

I got this recipe from the online Texas Cooking Newsletter I subscribe to. Orange Marmalade is my husbands favorite.  So the title caught my attention immediately.  I don't think they had a picture, but it sounded like it would present well, too.

They were just perfect.  I just rubbed or patted the seasonings on one side.  There was just the right amount for the two chops.  So if you are going to make more than two chops or want to rub it on both sides, increase the amounts appropriately. I thought it was fine with just rubbed on one side.  I made sure that side was on top when I got ready to serve them and added the syrup and marmalade.  That was the pretty side.

If you want to print the recipe using the print friendly button below, remember it will give you the option to remove the images.

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