Saturday, March 30, 2013


Happy Easter Eve!  Is there such a thing?  I don't think so, but why couldn't there be?  I will be "unplugged" as far as the computer goes tomorrow so I am having to wish everyone a Happy Easter a day early.

We have forecast one more reminder of winter Monday and Tuesday with even the possibility of some snow, but the temperatures are at least spring-like for a couple of days until then. 

Yesterday was beautiful with the sun shining (It's hard not to be beautiful to me if the sun is shining.) we had clouds and chances of rain in the morning, but the 60's are a nice warm up and the sun did finally come out mid afternoon.

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is supposed to be even warmer and I think the sun will be shining.  So it will be a beautiful day to me.

I thought I would show you a few pictures of our Easter inside at least.  Bulbs are coming up outside and my daffodils are even blooming under the silver maple tree in the back yard, but  there are no other indicators of spring outside.

I love my old ladder that I hung horizontally on the wall and use as shelves.  I like to change out things for the different seasons.  Here are some of the things I have on it now.  If you would like to see my tip for hanging the sign, you can check it out HERE.

These little rabbits were given to us by my husband's mother.  They were painted by a man who held the paint brush in his mouth or with his feet to paint them.  (We can't remember the particulars.)  I am glad I found a special place to set them to remember her and the season by.

These Easter blocks I got at Hillcrest Thrift Shop where we volunteer. The letters are metal and are attached to the block with a spring.

The Hope Chest that we inherited from my husband's family is another favorite place to showcase "treasures".

They don't show in this picture, but above the mirror that I got at an antique mall, are two framed counted-crossstitch pictures I did for my for my daddy and one for my mother.  They are there to remember them by.

The glass basket with the eggs piled high in it was my mother's.  She or someone in the family crocheted the pineapple doily I have it on.

The bunny in the antique highchair (no not used by our sons) I also got at Hillcrest.  He looks like he is ready to eat.  Not sure where I got the two rabbit candles.  They look like wood until you get close enough to see the wick coming out of the heads.

On an old bench by the fireplace is our friendly farmer rabbit.  I just like to see him sitting over there when I come into the room.

I bought some dogwood-like sprigs and laid them in the back of the shelves on each side of the fireplace.

Can you tell I like birds, especially cardinals?

The cup on the pedestal is one I won (became owner of) at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  The Forever Cup was created by British Artist Clare Twomey and reproduced 1345 times by Hartley Greens & Co. Leeds Pottery, a ceramics factory in northern England and were all on display at the museum in KC.  Each cup had particular characteristics of hand-applied handles, individual surfaces and unique numbers.  During the exhibit you could find a number that was important to you and fill out a Deed committing to caring for the Cup Forever(the name of the cup).  Each week owners were selected and I was one of those lucky 1345 people.  As an owner I promised to care and value the Cup.  I have this small pedestal that I keep the cup on. 

In the center of the mantel over the fireplace is this framed print my husband found of hummingbirds.  It's a nice picture.

On the left is another picture of birds on a plate that I like.  I filled the lantern globe with "Easter grass" and then plastic eggs.

I got these three glass jars at an estate sale.  I'm not really happy with the plastic eggs in the largest one, but had to settle for the eggs.  I have a whole year to come up with a better plan for next year.  I will be looking for something to put in them after tomorrow even though the eggs could just symbolize "Spring".

I almost forgot my female cardinal on a nest on the dining room table. If you can't figure it out from the picture, they are on my glass cake stand with a cake cover.

After Madison and Tyler woke from their naps, we drove up to Platte City to see our son, Patrick, and his family.  Patrick was playing fetch with their dog, Dakota, and Lori was on a blanket with Madison and Tyler in the front yard.  Madison was so excited when we pulled up in the driveway.  We had a fun hour playing with them outside.  

Here are a few pictures I managed to get.  They don't seem to like to have their pictures made.  At least they don't have the fixed smile you are so accustomed to seeing on children's faces.

I didn't get a picture of Madison playing t-ball, but did get out the camera when she started playing golf.

Tyler still isn't walking, but he does stand holding on to things and even manages to walk behind things.

Lori said Madison insisted upon wearing this pretty dress today.  Lori insisted she add a few layers underneath.

Looks like she is giving herself a big hug.

Tyler had fun pushing around his toy instead of riding it.

Grandad snapped this picture of Madison and her grandmother.  Lori even tried to get her to show us her beautiful smile (that you see when the camera isn't out.)

One last picture of Madison rocking in the big rocking chair on their neighbors, Martin and Jamie's front porch.

After we left, my husband and I went out to enjoy BBQ at Dickie's BBQ and took a short drive "out in the country" before heading home.

It has been a good Easter Eve.  Hope it has been a good one for you.  


  1. Great pics and very precious grandchildren

    1. Thanks, Gale. You will know how precious they are one day.