Monday, June 20, 2016


I recently purchased 40 lbs of chicken breasts. Yes, you read that correctly. 40 lbs. Do you know how many chicken breasts that would be? 

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.

I had 35 chicken breasts when I got through. 

My dil Sara posted on Facebook a good deal on fresh chicken breasts with no growth hormones, preservatives, etc. Because she was sharing it, she would receive a credit on her next order when I picked up my order. When I ordered the chicken, I indicated that I would help out when the chicken was delivered and I got a credit on my next order. Great! I am not getting any credit for mentioning the company's name here but I will tell you it was Zaycon Fresh and they offer a variety of "meats".

The next morning after picking up my 40 lbs of chicken, I got out my vacuum sealer that I had bought at an estate sale to begin the process of freezing the breast in individual pieces. 

I bought the sealer for my dil because theirs had quit working. Afterwards I found out they didn't need it afterall. The good news....I still had it. I had to review the quick start directions that were with it since it had been a few years since I had used one at the church after a luncheon the United Methodist Women gave. After finally figuring it out, I was in business. (As soon as I pressed the button the locks came unlocked instead of waiting til it was finished like the instructions seemed to indicate. After several tries, I realized it would continue to work with them unlocked and not to pull the bag out. When the light went off and it quit making a noise, the bag was sealed.)

Here is what 40 lbs of chicken breasts (individually sealed) looks like....

If it hadn't been that I ran out of bags and had to go to the store and buy another roll, I would have finished in maybe an hour. It really went faster than I thought. Here are my pictures along the way.

The fresh chicken came in four big blue bags. I didn't think to take a picture earlier.
The breasts are butterfly cut.
So you have to separate them. Can you believe how huge these things are?
I cut the desired amount off the roll to make a bag.
and sealed one of the cut ends.
Placed one breast in the bag...
and sealed the other end.
All done...
I managed to finish 29 of them before I ran out of bags.
In the refrigerator they went until I completely finished and could then place them in the freezer .
Here is one I used to make a slow cooker Italian Lemon Chicken recipe for our dinner the next day. The breast is so big, we had leftovers. I will be sharing that recipe tomorrow. Don't forget to wait for it. Update! Check it out here.

Thanks Sara for introducing me to this company. Now I just need to find someone to share the products with me because you have to buy so much....but the prices are so good.

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