Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ever get an idea that was just brilliant?  Well, maybe brilliant is a little strong.  But I get so many complements when people see my shower curtain. (Make sure you read to the bottom to see my latest one.

I had bought a layer cake pack with two of my three favorite colors.... yellow and blue and decided I wanted to use them with a "Turning Twenty" pattern that a friend loaned me.  The problem was -- I didn't need to make another quilt.

Then it hit me one day....kinda hard....maybe that's what is wrong with husband often wonders. ♥  Anyway.....Why not make the quilt top but make a shower curtain with it instead of a quilt.  

And that is exactly what I did.  (I made this BB (before blog) and so I don't have pictures of actually making it, but I have taken pictures and hopefully with them, will be able to give instructions for you to follow to make your own.

To start off, you just need an unfinished quilt top. (homemade or purchased)

Secondly, you need a sheet that is big enough to use for the "liner". I used a light blue one to coordinate with the colors in the quilt top.

The sheet had narrow hems on the sides and bottom, so I cut along one side of the sheet about an inch wide and sewed this along the bottom of the unfinished quilt top to make a hem.  By using the finished hem of the sheet, I didn't have to finish the hem here.  All I had to do was just slip stitch the hem down.

I used the bottom hem of the sheet then for the bottom hem of the liner. (Once again so I didn't have to make a new hem.)

I cut the sheet the same size as the unfinished quilt top except about 1/4 inch shorter in the length.

I matched the quilt top with the cut sheet with right sides together.

      Tip:  You can adjust the length for the liner by moving the sheet up for the correct length and then trimming the sheet or just use the quilt top as your guide to take your 1/4 inch seam.

Starting at the bottom of one of the sides, sew around that side, across the top, and down the other side.  You will leave the bottom open.

Turn the curtain to right sides and press flat. (May be hard to see in this picture that shows the side seam in the middle with the blue (sheet) liner on the left.)

Slip stitch the hem for the quilt top now. ( I mentioned this earlier in the directions.)

Measuring across the top, evenly mark the places for the buttonholes that you will use for attaching the hangers.

I made a regular buttonhole about 1/2 inch long and just cut open the center....big enough for the hanger to go through.

 another view....

Attaching the hangers and the shower curtain was finished.

Footnote:  I did hang a purchased plastic liner along with it behind so the shower curtain wouldn't get wet.

I want to make one using earth tones for the fall.  You could use this same technique to make curtain also.  

UPDATE!! I haven't gotten around to making one for the fall yet, but I did get my winter one made and am working on one for the spring using my favorite pattern, the Churn Dash. 

Here is a picture of my winter one. I used the Disappearing Nine Patch for it. The center block in the nine patch was the small red ones. When you cut the nine patch block up, the center one ends up becoming 4 smaller squares and the blocks at the compass points of the nine patch become rectangles.


  1. Love this idea - thanks for sharing. I was just searching to see if this had been done already and was thinking, "why not?". I also love the idea of having a seasonal change...what a great way to show off pieced work year round!

    1. Thanks RedSunshine. I agree that it is a great way to show off your pieced works. Would love to see yours when you finish it. My email address is

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