Thursday, April 10, 2014


On Wednesday nights I have handbell practice at the church from 6 til 7.  That means we have to eat dinner early (earlier than my husband likes to eat...but I don't want to eat after 7).  Unless we have leftovers, I usually offer to cook pancakes or waffles.

Yesterday I decided to give the recipe for pancakes that was on the back of the package of Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix a try. Well, let me tell you. They were so good that I decided I needed to post them on my blog just in case Pillsbury changed the recipe on the back of the package....and you know they will.

They were super easy - and just right for the two of us.


1        package Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix
1        large egg
3/4   cup skim milk

Beat the egg first in a medium mixing bowl.  Then add the mix and the milk and stir just til moistened.

Spray your skillet with cooking spray over medium heat.

Pour amount of batter for desired size of pancake.  (I used a medium size ice cream scoop.) Cook until bubbles form on top and start to burst.

Flip and cook on other side another minute or two.

Continue until finished with batter.  I made about 8 pancakes in all.

Now if Pillsbury changes the recipe on the back of the package, I will have it forever here on my blog. 

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