Sunday, April 27, 2014


When we had the Dinner Club over this month, my husband smoked ribs and a pork butt.  Our dinner club is a pot luck dinner with the hostess furnishing the main course and everyone else brings the rest of the meal.  I asked specifically for baked beans, coleslaw, and rolls.  We also had an appetizer (my California Bean Dip - the group ended up being small) and also dessert.  I will also be sharing Carol's two desserts (Pina Colada Cake and Peanut Butter Cup Cakes) and Nancy's baked beans.  

Kay had brought her Sweet - Sour Cole Slaw before but for some reason I had not shared it on my blog.  It was very good and none was left by the end of the meal.  Thanks, Kay, for sharing the recipe with me.


1-1/2       lbs shredded green cabbage
1             teaspoon salt
2/3          cup sugar
1/3          cup vinegar
1             cup whipping cream

Place shredded cabbage in covered dish in refrigerator for several hours.

Mix ingredients in the order given - 30 minutes before serving.

Chill and serve.


  1. I love this coleslaw!
    I've made it with milk but I must try the cream, I bet it adds some smoothness to it!
    Can't wait.

    1. My mother always made good coleslaw, but she never used whipping cream. In fact, Kay's recipe is the first one I have ever seen using it. Mother always cut her "slaw" fine, which I really like.