Monday, April 14, 2014


Internet Friend Sandy got creative and made her granddaughter Hayleigh a "tutu" Easter basket.  When she shared a picture of it with me, I asked her if I could share it on my blog.  She was nice enough to give me instructions along with a few pictures so you might be able to make one for that special girl in your life.

Sandy had a metal basket that she wasn't using except for holding her thread in her craft room. She wasn't sure where she had gotten it but thought she had bought fruit in it at the Dollar Store. She also said she had made many tutus for her granddaughter and thought about using this basket to make the tutu Easter basket. (The basket was perfect since it already had the holes in it.)

She used both white and pink tulle to make the "tutu". Using rolls of tulle that she had bought at JoAnn's that were 6 inches wide and 25 feet long, she cut the tulle in 12 inch long pieces. Then folding each piece in half, she pushed it through each hole and then knotted it on the other side. (the outside of the basket)

She said she put the white tulle through every hole on the first row and 

staggered the pink tulle between the white tulle in the second row.

I love how it looks just like a little tutu.

View from the top

All finished with the handle back on.  Sandy wrapped a small ribbon around the handle to cover it.

I am sure that little Miss Hayleigh is loving her tutu Easter Basket that her grandmother Sandy made her. Really good job, Sandy.

UPDATE!  Sandy sent me this picture of Hayleigh and said she loves it. Looks like she does.