Monday, May 20, 2013


Waking up meant having to pass along the information about Auntie to my sons, Jeffrey and Patrick, and to a few friends back home.  In addition to being his Great Aunt, she was also Jeffrey's Godmother.  

It also meant we would probably be leaving CO earlier than Monday as we had planned but until we heard from my cousin about when the services would be, we didn't know exactly when we would be leaving.  

I turned on my computer but only found one picture of Auntie that was taken in October, 2010.  The other pictures I have of her are on my flash drive which was back in KC.  So I posted the picture on Facebook and also read other posts from relatives who were sharing about their love of her.

But as I said in my last post, I was feeling so many emotions.    I was sad about Auntie but I also was happy for Sadie.  Today was Sadie's big day....the reason we had come to CO this particular weekend.....she was graduating from Pre-K.  

I had just finished getting and giving multiple hugs upon arriving the afternoon before when Sadie told me she wanted to show me something.  The "something" was the beautiful dress she was going to be wearing to her graduation.  She was so excited and proud of it.  

Here is a picture of her before we went to graduation....but I'm getting ahead of myself and my story.

Graduation was going to be at 2:00 so that meant we had the morning to do other things.  I had made them the skirts that Sara had sent me the picture of, but I didn't have a top for them to wear with it.  (She wanted them to wear the skirts the next day for Mother's Day.)  Sara decided we could run to Wal-mart and see if they had anything as it is the only store close to them that sells clothes.  (She also wanted to ride in my new car...but that's a whole other story)  We found a tank top with some "bling" that we thought would look good. It was going to be cool but she said they had a little sweater they could wear with it.

Here is a picture of Sadie wearing the tank top and the skirt I made her.  

Sara had sent me a picture of the skirt and asked me if I could make one for the girls.  She liked the way each "layer" was a little darker pink.  And of course, I said I could.  (I actually have material to make them another one, but this one will just be three different prints.  I will be sharing directions how to make it in a later post.)

After lunch we all piled in the suburban to go to Sadie's graduation.  They had worked it out before we got there who was going to sit by me in the car so there weren't any "discussions" and tears.  Sadie had attended her Grammy's preschool for the last three years.  Hallie and Colby are also "graduates" of her school. ("Grammy" is Sara's mother.)  We were fortunate to attend both of their graduations also.

Here are some pictures I took of the program.

Sadie and her classmates .. can you find Sadie in her beautiful yellow dress?

Singing their song about being a is so cute.

Between "acts"...

Getting her "diploma" from her Grammy, aka "the teacher"

During another song....

And one last one... Her dress was so pretty as she "moved" during the songs.

Here is a picture of Hallie before we left to go to the graduation.  Hard to believe she is 7 years old. (Didn't take one of Colby....sorry Colby)  

After cake and lemonade, we changed clothes to go to Jeffrey's end-of-the-year school celebration for the faculty at the Sky Sox stadium.  The Sky Sox is a farm team for the CO Rockies.  (In fact one of the players we saw playing was called up to the Rockies a few days later when one of their players was hurt.)  We enjoyed a delicious meal of burgers, hot dogs, bbq, and chicken.  This is when I needed my winter coat and gloves that Jeffrey told me to bring.  It was cool, but after a few innings I stood under a portable patio heater and that helped.  We left at the end of the fifth inning because of the temperature.  Never did hear what the final score was.  When we left the Sky Sox were losing to the Omaha Storm Chasers, which just happens to be the Kansas City Royals' farm team.  I had to cheer when they made a good play.

Here are some pictures I took at the game....

Of Hallie, sitting at our table eating.

And Colby (finally) who is 9 now.  Gosh, how time flies....

Here he is with a fan (obviously to be used later in the summer when it warms up) that they were giving out.  His grandad picked one up for each of the kids.

Here is one last picture of Sadie holding a picture of her when she was younger that had been on display at the graduation.

During Sadie's graduation I had received a text from my cousin saying the services for Auntie would be Tuesday am.  That meant we would be leaving CO Sunday afternoon for the 16 - 17 hour-drive to northeast Louisiana, but I will leave that for tomorrow and Mother's Day with Jeffrey's family.

It had been a very full day with many happy moments, but always a sense of sadness in my heart.

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