Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sunday, Mother's Day, was sunny and with the hope for a warmer day.....mid 70s.  I couldn't help but remember the first Mother's Day after my mother died on March 16.  Jeffrey was dating Sara at the time and she left me the nicest card at the front door.  I didn't know Sara that well, but the card she left me acknowledging that it would be a difficult day for me meant the world to me.  I still have the card.

I was thinking a lot about Auntie that morning and the fact that I couldn't call and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  Having Jeffrey and the kids to eat breakfast with though helped a lot.  The kids also brought me a card that everyone had signed.  Sara and the girls had drawn a heart after their names.  Colby and Jeffrey didn't....it's a girl thing.

I packed my suitcase and gathered all my stuff together so that we could spend as much time after lunch together before we had to leave.  We dressed for church and all piled into the car with no discussion about who was going to sit by me in the car.  Every time we got in, a different grandchild would be next to me in the seat.  What joy!

At church the minister didn't preach that day.  Instead we listened to a special Mother's Day sermon by the lady who is over family/kids ministries.  It was a very good sermon on mentoring by especially mothers based on Biblical text.  I thought about my mother, Auntie, and myself in this role as mentors as I listened to what she had to say.

After church we went to lunch at Nan's Kitchen, a local cafe in Falcon that we often eat at since they moved closer to Jeffrey's school.

Here are some pictures I took of them before we went to church.

Just Sara and the kids....her Mother's Day picture

A really good one of just Hallie....

And then Sadie with Michael...(she is so excited about being a big sister)

I have to use my "state of mind" as an excuse for not getting a picture of Colby by himself.  I didn't even get a picture of me with Jeffrey (which would have been my mother's day picture, at least half of it since Patrick wasn't there), or me with the kids.

I did have my husband take this cute one of me with the girls sitting on their front porch.  The sun was bright and the girls just couldn't look at the camera with their hands down for even a second.  It was funny.

After getting home from lunch, changing clothes and packing up the car, it was time to spend with the kids outside enjoying the sun and the warmer (than yesterday) temps.  The girls and I walked around the back of the property discovering the tail and one leg of what remained of a jack rabbit.  We also found a small cactus and Sadie found a little blue wild flower that she picked and gave me.
Colby played ball with his daddy in the back yard. For part of the hour I retrieved the ball when he didn't hit it.

The girls had fun riding their bikes on the driveway.

The hour went by way too quickly.  The girls and I talked about our coming back in July and hopefully being able to do some fun things. That helped all three of us.

Filling the tank with gas, stopping by the ATM to get some cash, and setting Auntie's address as our destination on the navigational system in the car, we were off. It was 2:00 MDST.  Our plans were to drive probably to Salina, KS and spend the night and then drive all day Monday.  

Six hours later we were in Salina and we left at 8:30 the next morning heading south.  We arrived in Bastrop at 6 that night in time for the visitation at the funeral home and my last "visit" with Auntie.  We had driven 1069 miles since we had left Jeffrey's. So many miles since we had left on Friday from KC.

See pictures of Sadie's Pre-K Graduation HERE.

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