Friday, February 10, 2017


The last recipe I shared with you that Friend Luci made was very well received. She had made Peggy's Apple Cake the last time that our Mexican Train group met at her house. I missed the game because I had been at the funeral for one of the volunteers at Hillcrest Thrift Shop. I did drop by afterwards and got there in time to eat the dessert. Actually I got some pictures of the sauce that she was making to serve with the cake since she wanted it to be warm. It was really, really yummy.

Yesterday, our group met at Luci's house again. She had quite a bit to tempt us with. The Parfait Peach Salad was one I couldn't resist. (Neither could the rest of the group.) I asked her if I could share the recipe and she said I could.

It is so delicious, you could easily eat it for dessert. (I think if you wanted to use different fruit, you could. In fact, I asked Luci if she had used fruit cocktail in it. I think that would taste good, too.)


1       (14-oz) can sweetened condensed milk
1/3   cup lemon juice
1/2   cup chopped pecans
1       (8-oz) carton whipped topping
1       can drained peaches (diced)

Combine the condensed milk and lemon juice and beat until smooth.

Fold in whipped topping.

Stir in pecans and fruit.



  1. Hello! I am planning on making this for a luncheon on Saturday and your orange pineapple cake for a luncheon at work tomorrow! So, with this peach salad. Do you know roughly how many it serves? I'm having up to 8 over, so planning to double it. Also, do you know if this is a regular size can of peaches or the big can? Thank you! I really enjoy your blog!

    1. Hi Julie,

      There were 5 of us at Mexican Train and there was a lot left over, but then we probably didn't eat a lot since she had such a variety of things for us to eat. I am guessing her dish held a quart full. I didn't ask her but I think a normal can (15 ounces) is probably what she used. You will dice the peaches in small pieces so I think there will be plenty using that can. I think with the other food you are having, the recipe will be enough without doubling it, but you do what you think is best knowing your quests. Glad you are enjoying my blog. Have fun at your luncheon.