Wednesday, July 16, 2014


"Grandmother, you're the best!" so exclaimed almost 4 yr old Madison after her first bite of the Zebra Cake I took for dessert when we enjoyed dinner with my younger son, Patrick, and his family the other night. She and Tyler were "enquiring minds" when I came in with the dish covered with foil. I told them it was Zebra Cake. That got a laugh.  I asked them if they thought Zebra Cake would taste good and they said, "NO".  

The recipe is another one from Colonial Cooks! from Colonial Presbyterian Church member Cheryl Dudley.  It is a fun one to prepare and serve whenever children are involved.


1       box (4 - serving size) instant vanilla pudding mix (sugar-free works)
1       box (4 - serving size) instant chocolate pudding mix
2       cups milk (skim is ok)
1       8 - oz container frozen whipped topping, thawed (sugar-free is fine)
16     graham cracker sheets
2/3    cup semisweet chocolate chips (Next time I will just use 2/3 cup chocolate syrup)

In separate bowls, prepare each pudding, using only 1 cup of milk per box.  Let stand 5 minutes, 
then fold half of the whipped topping into each pudding. Stir well.

Place a layer of graham crackers on the bottom of an 8 x 8 - inch glass dish. (Each layer will use 4 complete crackers and half of another one.)

Top with half of the chocolate pudding. (This will be a thin layer but make sure you spread to size of glass dish.)

Add another layer of graham crackers.

Top with half of the vanilla pudding. (Same as with chocolate.)

Add another layer of crackers.

Top with rest of chocolate pudding.

Add another layer of crackers.

Top with rest of vanilla pudding.

Cover and chill at least 6 hours or overnight. During this time, the graham crackers will soften and develop a cake-like consistency.

Before serving, melt chocolate chips in the microwave (Place chips in bowl, and heat on high for 30 seconds, stir, repeat until chocolate melts. A couple of times will do it.)
and drizzle over the top of the cake. 

Because the "cake" is cold, the melted chips will harden almost as soon as you "drizzle" it on. I don't "drizzle" well and wasn't real happy with my result. (See what I mean?) Next time I will simply drizzle chocolate syrup over the top. Madison and Tyler thought it looked "cool" but I didn't.

Cut serving pieces in squares and remove.  

Unfortunately you don't see the layers when you serve it so make sure you use a glass dish and spread the puddings to the edge so the kids can see the stripes.

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