Saturday, December 28, 2013


Recently when we met at Kay's house for Farkle, she served her grandmother's recipe for rice pudding. I personally love rice pudding and have to admit it has been a while since I had some to eat. I really enjoyed it that afternoon. My diet had been really restricted due to an infection and so that afternoon was the first time I was able to eat like normal. I wanted to take it easy though, so unfortunately I didn't get to eat as large of a portion as I would have liked. I will just have to make some myself. Then I can enjoy it as much as I like.

When Kay showed me the recipe, she said her grandmother was very emphatic about washing the rice several times.  We decided that manufacturers must have not done a very good job packaging the rice in earlier days. Anyway, I wrote the recipe the way Kay had it on the card. I added the "glass casserole dish" in the directions.


1       cup rice
1       cup sugar
1-1/2 quarts milk, (6 cups)
1       teaspoon salt
grated orange rind
1       cup seeded raisins

Wash rice several times.  Put into pudding dish (glass casserole dish ). Add the milk, sugar, salt, and orange rind.

Bake in a slow oven (275 degrees) for 1-1/2 hours or until thick, stirring several times during baking.

Add raisins and bake 20 more minutes.

Serve alone....

or top with caramel ice cream topping....

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