Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Last year I decided to make a planter chandelier after seeing one on Pinterest. (Sorry I would give credit if I only remembered where I saw it.)  I went to Hillcrest, the thrift shop I volunteer at, and picked out 5 different globes and a chandelier.  

First thing I did was remove the wiring in the chandelier...that wasn't very hard.

Since the chandelier would be hanging under our deck, I had to choose plants that would grow in the shade. I bought 5 different plants, mainly ones that would eventually "hang down" and after filling the globes with potting soil, planted the flowers.  

I had trouble watering the plants because they were hanging over a patio table and the globe would fill up with water real fast and then run over on the table. Not a good thing.  

I eventually ended up just taking the chandelier down and setting it in the center of the table. But it never turned out like I thought it would.  The plants didn't really thrive. I thought.....Well that was a really cute idea but that's about all.

The chandelier ended up in the corner of the patio with all my other pots at the end of fall.....until this late spring.

I would see the chandelier as we started working in the yard this spring and I couldn't help but wish it had worked out. Then it came to me .... like in a flash.

The problem with the "planter" was with the size of globes. I just needed to get the larger globes so the plants would have more room to grow and the water would have a bigger area to fill up.  

The solution was so simple....It was one of those "Why didn't I think of that before" moments.

So back to Hillcrest I went and bought 5 bigger globes. I went by a nursery and noticed they had their annuals and perennials on sale....and the rest is history.

I have the finished hanging chandelier in the same place as before but the patio table is now upstairs on the deck. The plants are growing and I think it is going to look like I envisioned it was going to look last year. 

Here are some pictures from different views.

I will update with more pictures later this summer as the plants grow.  I know they are going to turn out so pretty as they have so much more room to grow in the larger globes.

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