Tuesday, September 4, 2012


No more having to hunt for your stationary or note cards the next time you need them.  Also, and this one is big for me.....the stamps are right there, too.

Yes, I still like "writing" personal letters.  I have friends who chose not to use their computers and so I like to reciprocate.  Also, I write my grandchildren letters.  They love getting mail as I love getting letters from them.  I need to find a placemat that they would enjoy and make them one to keep their things organized to write me.

If you don't "write" letters, then you might like having the caddy to keep your note cards organized.

This handy caddy for your stationary or notecards is so simple to make using a purchased placemat.

The first thing to do is fold up from the "bottom" of the placemat 3 3/4 inches all the way across. Hold in place using quilter pins or large paper clips.  If you use the large quilter pins, pin them stuck down toward folded edge so you won't accidentally stick yourself when you are sewing. Ouch!

Using matching thread, tack the corner edges sewing diagonally from the outer corner to the inside top stitching on the placemat and then backstitch to beginning.  This should be about 3/8 inches long. (1) 

Measure 5 1/2 inches in from the outer edge on the left side and sew a straight line from the upper edge (back stitch a couple of stitches) to the folded up part and back stitch once again a couple of stitches. (2)

Moving to the right side, tack corner edges here as you did the left side. (5)

Measure 6 inches from the right side to stitch the straight line marked (3) in picture below just as you did (2).  

Stitched line (4) is 3/4 inches from (3) on the right.  If the pen you are going to use is "fat", you might want to move over 1 inch. 

Here it is with note cards.  The envelopes are placed in the left "pocket", note cards in the center, and the stamps in the right "pocket".

Here it is all folded up to put away ready for the next time you need it. 

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