Saturday, September 8, 2012


A quick and easy lunch idea!(Would also work well for a breakfast if you are on the run.)  

I often find myself eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch.  The homemade jam helps, but it does get old.  

I recently brought home a couple of bagels and hadn't found a time to eat them.  I put them in the refrigerator so they would keep and saw them every time I opened the frig.  

Well, yesterday when I was going through some newspapers and magazines to get ready for trash and recyle day, I saw this idea in a local supermarket's magazine called Seasons.  The article was about quick and easy breakfast ideas, but I like my Amish oatmeal(recipe here)for breakfast.  But that's something else. 

They used a whole wheat bagel, but I didn't have that kind.  Next time.....

Here's all you have to do.....

Slice a whole bagel in half. (Save one half for the next time or invite a friend over.)

Spread on a thin layer of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy), soy butter, or almond butter.

Slice about half of a banana and cover the peanut butter with the slices. 

Then you can top it with your favorite topping.  They used mini chocolate chips.  I didn't have any so yesterday I took one special dark chocolate kiss and grated it over the top.  It tasted pretty good.

Today I sprinkled a few Chocolate O's cereal.  Now that was really good.

Other toppings you might try are raisins, dried craisins (they make those in so many different flavors now), or any crushed cereal if it is too big to just sprinkle on.

I am so glad I saw this.  My mother used to make peanut butter & banana sandwiches all the time.  The flavors together remind me of her.

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