Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I recently made my granddaughter Hallie a ruffled skirt made from an old pair of jeans.  The waistband in the jeans was not adjustable, but I thought it would fit.  Well, it didn't.  The waist was a little too big.  

When we went to visit them this past weekend, I had her try the skirt on for me so I could see how much too big it was.  I brought the skirt home and today I made an adjustable waistband for it so it will fit her now.

This is what the ruffled jean skirt looked like when I originally made it.  If you want to see how I made it, you can check out my tutorial HERE.

The measurement of the front band from the side seam to the middle of the front belt loop on the inside was 4 inches.  So I cut two pieces of  1/2 inch braided elastic  4 inches long.

I made four slits in the elastic 1/4 inch long and 3/8 inch apart with my seam ripper.

I decided to make the opening to insert the elastic on the inside of the waistband 1/4 inch from the closest edge of the belt loop.  I marked it with a pin and then with my seam ripper I got a hole started.

Then I insert my scissors and carefully cut a slit a little more than 1/2 inch.  I wiggled the scissors to make sure that I was only going to be cutting the top layer.

After I had cut the slit, I applied Fray-Check around the raw edges so that they wouldn't fray or ravel. (1)  Waiting for it to dry--15 - 30 minutes. (2) (I actually left it and ate lunch--the directions on the package says to let dry 15 - 30 minutes.  It will be hard when it is dried.)

I inserted the elastic through the slit and pushed it to the side seam. (The next two pictures were taken before I applied the Fray-Check--I was testing it out.)

I knew I had cut the elastic 4 inches long, so I could test it to make sure I had pushed it as far as it would go.

 After the Fray-Check had dried, I pushed the elastic through and when I measured it to make sure I had pushed it as far as I could, I pinned the elastic in place. (3)

With the zipper foot attachment on my sewing machine, I stitched across the band backstitching at the beginning and then all the way back across. (4)  I tugged on the elastic to make sure I had caught it with my sewing.

Then I was ready to sew on the button....


This tip pertains to sewing on a button.  I didn't want all the threads to show on the back side (which in this case was the front side of the waistband), but I do this anyway.  To secure a button when you start to sew it on, insert the needle from the top in one hole and come back up through the other hole and catch the knotted threads before they go through the hole (5) and pull it til tight (6).  This will hold the button in place.

When you finish sewing the button on and are ready to tie off the threads, here's another tip.  End with the needle and thread on the top.  Insert the needle through one of the holes but not through the material.  Cut the end of the thread near the needle, and then separate the threads.  Cross the threads and wrap each one around under the button.  Tie a double knot in the thread tightening the threads to under the button.  Cut the threads close to the knot.

I sewed the button on only going all the way through both layers of the band a couple of times.  It is under the belt loop and even though I know it probably won't be seen, I wanted it to look nice from the front....and I was finished.  

I buttoned the button through the second slit because as I said the skirt was only about a half an inch too big for Hallie.  There are several more slits though so she can adjust it as she needs to.

Now I just have to get them in the mail to her.  She will be so excited.

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