Friday, July 3, 2015


You know that moment when you see something and you think, "Now, why didn't I ever think of doing that?" That's what I thought when I saw this recipe for Bacon Cheeseburgers in my new old Women's Circle Home Cooking Cookbook. With over 1200 recipes, I still have so many recipes to explore. 

Well, this one is so ingenious. I really can't believe I have never seen it before. So glad Sharon Crider of Evansville, WI did. I had to buy some ground beef just for the recipe but I had everything else. The recipe made 8 burgers, but I just bought a pound of ground beef. After tasting it, now I wish I had bought the 2 pounds. Anyway, I just cut the recipe in half. 

The taste is unbelievable! The bacon and the cheese. Even though you don't get as much cheese as you would if you had put a slice of cheese on it at the end. If you think about it, you are getting a slice of bacon in each burger since you cook 4 slices of bacon and make 4 patties. So much easier to eat. It would work great for kids. too.


1       lb. ground beef
4      slices of bacon
1/4   cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2   teaspoon seasoned salt (I used Nature's Seasoning)
1/4   cup chopped onion (I omitted)
1/2   teaspoon parsley flakes

Fry the bacon til crispy and crumble.

Mix all ingredients until well combined. (I used my hand.)

Shape into patties.

Grill until done. (5 minutes on a side at 350 degrees works for me.)

I have these trusty little Tupperware containers that hold patties. Each one holds exactly a quarter pound of meat. I made four patties using the containers. 
I stacked three of them to freeze and cooked one. (This is why I could have made the original amounts for the recipes. I have a bunch of these little containers. An A lid fits them.)

My husband was disappointed when I told him I didn't make one for him. I told him I had thawed out some of his little turkey burgers for him. (He had a good laugh.) He doesn't eat a lot of beef and so we buy turkey burgers or ground turkey for him. After dinner, I told him I would buy some ground turkey and mix him up some to enjoy the next time. That pleased him.

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