Monday, February 10, 2014


I don't know if you have this problem like I do....or I should say "had". I say "had" because I don't have that problem anymore. I am embarrassed to admit that I have had plans for years, but finally got around to "doing something about it" now.

Oh, you need more information before you can say.  My problem was ... my husband putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher that contained clean dishes.  I would ask him things like, "Didn't you notice the inside of the door was clean?"  

Well, no more!

I have seen magnets before for the dishwasher that showed the dirty/clean idea. I'm sure you have too.  I guess I just never "took any action" because I was waiting for the "right idea" to come along.  

I don't really know if I saw this idea somewhere or it just came to me because of seeing the scrabble tiles used in other ways. Whatever it was,  I decided that was what I wanted to do. Problem? I couldn't find the single scrabble tiles for sale anywhere.  I looked in antique malls for them and even in thrift shops for the game.  It became my mission to find the game at estate sales.  I found myself complaining to Janice, "Doesn't anyone play scrabble anymore?"  

Truth told, I knew where I could find them....I have seen them in several of the antique malls in the West Bottoms.  The problem is that we hadn't been to the West Bottoms in months and months. That is until this past weekend. 

So I won't have to worry about my husband putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher with the clean ones anymore. Now that I have my nifty little "scrabble dirty/clean tile magnet.

It wasn't hard to make either.

Gather together:

scrabble tiles to spell "dirty" and "clean"
peel and stick adhesive magnet sheets

Arrange the tiles so that "dirty" is spelled one way and "clean" the other way.  

After marking the amount of the sheet needed for the letter, cut the sheet with a pair of scissors.

Remove the paper backing.

Place the "D" and the upside down "N" next to each other on one end of the cut strip.

Did you know the scrabble tiles aren't necessarily the same exact size?  I discovered that when I place the "I" and the "A" on next. 

The "perfectionist" that I am, I decided to continue the process this way.... 

Spell the words out lining up the tiles under each other.

Cover each "word" with a long piece of adhesive tape being careful that the tiles stay inline.

Then tape the two words together....oops did you notice my error?

Place the "words" directly under the "D" and "N" that have already been placed.  Remove tape.

Press down with fingers and then cover with something heavy just for good measure.

Then after emptying the dishwasher, 

turn the magnet so that you can read the word "dirty".

Then just remember when you start the dishwasher to wash the dishes, turn the magnet upside down so you can read "clean".


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