Monday, February 5, 2018


A week or so ago I shared part of our fun day with our MO grandchildren, Madison (7) and Tyler (almost 6). We planned to go down to Union Station and look at the model - train display and then walk over to Crown Center, but other than that we were just going to hangout at our house. (They always seem to enjoy coming to our house, but not that often. We just usually go to their house.)

As I said in the other post, I wanted to make something for the boys who were in the process of moving out and thought they would enjoy helping me. (One time when we spent the weekend at their house, we made some cookies that they really had fun doing.) I don't really remember who brought up the peppermint sandwich cookies I made and took to their house back in December, but we ended up making some that morning along with the brownies for the boys. I had been thinking about making them and using some red coating wafers for Valentine's Day, but couldn't find a bag of red ones. Instead I found pink ones and decided that would work just as well.

Here is a link to the ones I made in December, but I will go over the recipe again here.

They enjoyed unwrapping the peppermint Kisses and then placing one in the center of each cracker on the cookie sheet. They also had to eat a Kiss. (Tyler is standing on a stool.)

All finished. (You have to make sure you have enough crackers to make a "sandwich".

They bake in the oven preheated to 250 degree F. for about 4 minutes. (I did make sure they stayed back when I opened the oven door and then didn't touch the warm cookie sheet when I took it out of the oven.) Then you place another cracker on top of each softened Kiss and press flat (til the "Kiss" filling covers the whole cracker).

Ta-da .... all finished and ready for the freezer for an hour. (Madison insisted on putting them in the freezer.)

Then Tyler decided to go out and help his grandad do some yard work and Madison mixed up the brownies for the boys.

As soon as we put them in the oven, she was ready to check on the "cookies". I told her they still had about 20 minutes in the freezer and we would have to wait just a little bit longer. Then we could start on melting the candy dipping wafers. (Tyler didn't return until we were totally finished. He did get to enjoy eating one though.)

Melting the wafers using the microwave method...

I showed her how to coat the cookies and how I would tap the cookie against the side of the bowl to get rid of the excess.

Then she tried... (I continued to tap them against the side of the bowl and running a toothpick under the bottom of the fork to get ride of the excess.)

We ended up making some using chocolate chips that hadn't been processed on machinery with peanuts for Tyler.

Madison saw the sprinkles in the pantry (I had put sprinkles on the ones Tyler could eat back in December) and wanted to sprinkle some on Tyler's. I had a little bit of chocolate left and decided to drizzle it over the pink ones. Then Madison decided to sprinkle them also.

When we were all done, Madison took a picture of the three of us. She loves taking pictures with my phone. So does Tyler. (They are still in their "fakey" smiles looks for the camera.)

When we took the brownies over to the boys, Madison also gave them a pink cookie.

It was a totally fun time with the kids and I can't wait to have them back. Now I just have to find a recipe they can make with just my supervision. 

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