Friday, September 26, 2014


I was asked if I got this recipe somewhere or did I make it up.  I honestly don't remember.  If you have seen this idea somewhere, this might be a good example of "great minds thinking along the same path".  

I thought about doing this a couple of years ago.  I recently found a bag of chocolate bugles that had been pushed to the very back of the pantry that had expired in 2012.  I bought them thinking I would try this but other things got in the way.  

When I was planning what I was going to prepare for my Farkle Friends, I decided I would actually give it a try. I didn't see any chocolate bugles though so I just bought the original ones.  I also got some chocolate almond bark for the dipping. I already had peanut butter.

Earlier that morning, I mixed up the peanut butter with some honey (considered using some of my homemade jams, but my husband said to go with the honey) and then started "stuffing" the bugles. Some of the bugles were usable because the opening wasn't there. (Just enjoying bugles out of the bag, I never paid any attention to this fact before.) 

I melted the almond bark in the microwave and then started dipping the stuffed bugles.  When I had problems with the peanut butter falling out, I started just pouring a little chocolate over the end instead of dipping.  That's when I decided that next time, I would place the stuffed bugles in the freezer for a bit to let the peanut butter sorta harden before dipping them.  (Others agreed with this idea when I was discussing the problem I had making them.)

Needless to say, they were the cutest things made and the most favorite thing I served.  

We have this treat Carol told us all about that she calls Snowman Poop (white chocolate) and Reindeer Poop (chocolate).  It is so addictive. It is so addictive, that I came up with the idea of coloring the white chocolate and making Easter Bunny Poop and 4th of July Firepops.  

Well, a couple of the ladies started talking about using the colored wafers you can buy and melt for dipping and make them for the fourth of July and other holidays.  "Yikes!  I've created another Snowman Poop idea!" I exclaimed.  And yes, I will be trying the other colors.

When I was having trouble remembering what I had decided to call them, Janice said, "Just call them Good."  

Here is what you need to make ... 


1/2      cup creamy peanut butter or soybutter or sunbutter for people with peanut allergies
2         tablespoons honey
Dipping sauce (I used 3 blocks of chocolate flavored almond bark. You could also use chocolate chips or any other chocolate dipping sauce)

Mix the peanut butter and honey in a bowl.

Using the bugles with a good size opening, 

spoon the  mixture in the opening.

Place on a platter that will fit in your freezer and freeze for about 30 minutes to harden the peanut butter a little.

Melt the chocolate almond bark in the microwave (1 minutes for the 3 blocks was perfect). Stir until smooth.

Holding on to the end of the bugle, dip the peanut butter end into the chocolate.
You can also pour the chocolate over the end with a spoon.  

Lay onto a sheet of wax paper to let the chocolate harden. (doesn't take long at all)

Doesn't require any other instructions.  

Place on serving platter to serve.

Wait for the sounds of delight.  "What a combination of the salt and chocolate and peanut butter!" is what I heard out of the first one eating one.

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