Monday, November 18, 2013


We love fresh pineapple!  If the price is right in the stores, my husband will put one in the grocery cart every time.  I am always a little hesitant though because I never know how to tell if the pineapple is ripe.  I say, never, but now I know how, but I'm getting a little ahead of my story.

When we went to Hawaii and visited a pineapple plantation, we were told that pineapples didn't continue to ripen after they were picked and won't ripen anymore afterwards.  This may be true but I know that I have bought pineapples that weren't very ripe and they did ripen more (too much) before we cut it.

One day several months ago, I was in Aldi's and had to wait while the pineapples were being replenished on the shelf.  I decided to ask the girl how you knew if the pineapple was ripe yet.  That is how I learned this little trick.

Here is the pineapple that my husband chose the last time we went to the store. See how green it looks.

To decide if the pineapple is ripe, chose one of the "leaves" and give it a tug. Please read the comment Reader Brenda left below. She says to pull a central leaf. She also says the pineapple should have a pineapple smell.

If it comes out when you tug on it, the pineapple is ripe.

That simple.  We haven't bought one since we learned this trick that wasn't ready to cut when we got home.

My husband doesn't cut up the pineapple the way illustrated in books (I think he wants to be more careful with the knife and dealing with one slice at a time is easier than the whole pineapple.)  He cuts off the top and then individually slices the pineapple one at a time as wide as he wants the chunks to be.  He then can easily cut off the edge and then proceed to the next slice he will cut.

When he is finished, he has a bowlful of fresh pineapple chunks ready to enjoy.


  1. We lived in the Philippines where pineapples are a staple in diets. Yes, I agree with the leaf pulling; but, we were taught to pull the central leaves - not just any of them. You should also expect to smell a pineapple scent if one is ripe. No scent, I wouldn't buy it!

  2. Thanks so much for that clarification Brenda. I will add that to the post just in case people don't read the comments. Thanks for letting me know and for stopping by.