Tuesday, August 13, 2013


What a joy to be three!  This past Sunday afternoon we celebrated our granddaughter Madison's third birthday with family and friends.  What a fun party that was! Madison was so animated and excited. You couldn't help but join in with her.  

Within minutes of arriving, Madison had my camera and was busy taking pictures of everyone.  Here are a few of them.

Tyler and Grandmother

Say Cheese, Daddy


Godmother Jamie

Another one of Grandmother and Tyler

I took this one of Madison's Great Granddad (who is 100 yrs old) and her mother, Lori.

Lori decided Madison could start opening some of her presents. I suggested she open ours first (thinking she was only opening a couple right now....you'll see why I made this suggestion, but she opened all of them.)

She sat in her chair and started opening her first present. She had to hand me every little piece of wrapping paper as she tore it off.  She always remembered to say "Thank you" every time I took it, too

She didn't get in any hurry. She stopped after opening each card, would squeal or laugh and then "read" the card.

and finally open the present. She wanted to take the camera out of the box, but her daddy talked her out of it.

She continue to thoroughly enjoy opening every one of her presents and cards.  I wished they had recorded her because she was priceless.

Tinker Bell dress up

One of her outfits

Tyler really liked this water toy.

Already got a call on her new cell phone.

Need a little help with this big one.
Thanks, Tyler

Tyler like her new cell phone, too.

"Say Cheese"

All the presents were opened so it was time to eat cake.....cupcakes, that is.

Tyler is ready to eat.  

Happy Birthday, to you......

Tyler had his own personal wheat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free cupcake.  Looks like he enjoyed it.

I made the mistake of telling him he had facial hair (the chocolate icing on his face) because he immediately put his left hand on top of his hair.

I haven't had so much fun at a birthday party in a long time. Madison is a precious little granddaughter. She really enjoyed her special day and so did everyone else.   

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