Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Thursday was my husband's last morning to play golf.  I got up and took him to the golf course and then returned to the condo to eat breakfast.  The leftover bacon (2 slices anyway) tasted really good with my oatmeal.  

Because our tickets to Colonial Williamsburg had been multi-day- passes (good for 3 days), we had considered going back for a little while to shop in some of the stores we didn't have time to visit on Tuesday.  But Wednesday night Janice and I decided we would like to go to some antique shops (since that is one of our favorite things to do together) before we left. 

Checking out some tour booklets we had, we decided to check out the Williamsburg Pottery.  We could have stayed there for hours.  It was really neat -- the part we got to see anyway.  Will definitely be revisiting that store when we go back to stay at King's Creek Plantation again.

But we had to leave if we were going to make it to the Williamsburg Antique Mall.  It was also really big, 45,000 sq. ft. and over 400 dealers.  We started out just going down every other aisle, but actually had enough time then to go down the ones we skipped.  I got a couple of things that would fit in my suitcase.  The hanging candles are now a part of my hanging ladder and the flameless tealight also.

After we went and picked up my husband, we stopped at Subway and got sandwiches to take back to the condo for lunch.  We planned to go to Yorktown Victory Center for the afternoon and also to eat dinner at High Tide Bar & Grill on Riverwalk Landing so we didn't want to eat a big lunch.

At Jamestown Settlement, we "experienced" the start of colonial America 1607 and then at Yorktown Victory Center we "experienced" the end of colonial America 1781.  Here we explored the gallery exhibits, stepped into the boots of ordinary soldiers (at least my husband did), and walked through a 1780 farm.  The costumed interpreters demonstrated the tasks and chores of daily life in 1781.  

At the re-created Continental Army encampment, they asked for volunteers to show how to load and fire a canon.  I talked  my husband into volunteering.  I got several pictures of the group.

  You can see everyone was taking their jobs very seriously.

  Everyone is in his or her place waiting.

Finally my husband gets to "light" the fuse.

Then the interpreters did it "for real" (wearing ear plugs...we were told to put our hands over our ears.  It was really loud.)

Here is one log building in the park.

At the 1780s farm, I took a picture of brown cotton.  I grew up surrounded by cotton fields.  I have never seen brown cotton growing.  I forgot to ask about it though.

We enjoyed another great meal for dinner...this time at the High Tide Bar & Grill on the Riverwalk Landing.  It was perfect....sitting out on the patio overlooking the York River.  I had breaded shrimp that was really good...not like any I have ever eaten before.  I asked them how it was made and was told it was made with crushed saltines.  Leon and Wayne had fried oysters.  Janice enjoyed grilled shrimp and scallops.

After dinner we walked around the area, and decided to enjoy dessert (ice cream) at Ben and Jerry's.  What a perfect way to end another perfect day!

On our way out of town, we drove out to the Yorktown Battlefield National Park.  It was closed but we did get to see some visitors (or would you say we were the visitors?) just before leaving the park.
This was just two of them.  I made the picture large so you could see them better.

It was dark by the time we got back to the condo for a quite evening.  Tomorrow we will be spending our last day before flying back home on Saturday in Norfolk, but more about that later. 

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