Wednesday, November 21, 2012


One last picture of Sadie, Colby, and Hallie before we left. But wait...I'm getting ahead of myself.


This year we were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving a week early with our son Jeffrey and his family in CO.  It was an exciting time for us, as it always is when we get to spend time with them, but this was our first time to see their new home.  They have been in the house less than a month, but are settling in.  While we were there the new granite countertops were installed in the kitchen and the plumber came and set in the new sink.  Yea!!!!

Just before we got to their house, we had a little excitement due to a brush fire along the side of the road.  They had the traffic stopped because of their firetrucks parked along the road.

Jeffrey was at the house when we finally got there.  He showed us the house, my husband unpacked the car, and then Jeffrey asked me if I would put the chickens in the coop, so we could go meet Sara and the kids at a nearby restaurant.  "Sure," I said.

I got some of them cornered...
I ended up having to pick them up because as soon as I would get one in the coop and shut the door, and then try to get another one in, the first one would run out when I opened the door. 

When most of them were in, the rest went in more easily.

That first night was spent mainly checking out what "Grandmother" had brought them and reading some of the books.  The next day was play and errand running.

The colored shapes they had were most popular.  We had fun making trails, flowers, parks, and other shapes.  Even involved the dolls after we were finished with our park.
  Hallie's little house with grass around it.
Colby also had to make his own creations.

My husband had bought a telescope at Hillcrest Thrift Shop and it was quite a hit.
We took it outside and looked at the moon.  It was really exciting to see the moon and its craters so clearly.  They also were able to see Jupiter one night.  

We also had to play games.  Our favorite is Clue, but we also played Disney Trivia Pursuit.  Colby is reading a question for me.
Sadie was supposed to be helping me, but she has her own way of playing with the extra pieces.
And the winner was......
On one of our trips to the nearby Wal-Mart, Sadie chose this pretty dress over a doll.

Here is Hallie in the T-shirt dress I made for her.

And Sadie in hers.

One afternoon I made some 2-ingredient fudge and before I finished Sadie came in the kitchen and had to pull up a stool so she could see what I was doing.  (Hopefully on our next trip we can make something together--that is always a favorite thing to do together.)  She was dressed for "dress-up".
 Since I had made the girls a number of jean skirts and the T-shirt dresses, I told Colby I would buy him something when we went to the store.  He chose a Lego set and then wanted me to help him put it together.  He could have done it all by himself, but it was fun to have that special time just with him.
All done.

 One more pretty picture of Sadie.  She likes having her picture taken.  Can you tell?

We had a really good time.  The weather was great....daytime temps in the upper 50s and low 60s, sunny all four days, cool night temps, but except that it made looking through the telescope a little chilly, we weren't outside at night.  We went to two antique malls and one really small craft fair in Falcon.  Our "Thanksgiving ham" was very delicious and everything that went with it.  We also had fun (frustration on my part mostly) playing with Wii games.  I can never drive those go-carts, etc.  I did manage to get 4 stars in one of the dance numbers.  I need to practice more. I will miss shopping with Sara on Black Friday this year, but the kids gave me their Christmas lists and showed me the toys at the store, so I should do okay.

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