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If you have been following my narrative and photos of our trip to D.C. and Williamsburg, I didn't mean to take such a long break after my last installment.  I needed to take a break to share other things, and time sorta got away with me.  I have three more days to report on and will try to get them out as quickly as I can.  I hope you will continue to follow the narrative

Ever heard "Time flies when you'll having fun"? It is so true.  It was so hard to believe our week in Williamsburg was half over. When we were planning our trip, Leon had kept telling me, "Whatever y'all ( I think Leon probably says "you all") want to do, is fine with us."  So I became the tour guide.  I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep us busy for a whole week in Williamsburg, but as the week progressed, I found more and more things I wanted to do and see and not enough time to do them all.

My husband had arranged tee times for Wednesday and Thursday.  On Monday, when he played, I got up with him and took him to the golf course so Janice, Leon, and I could have the car.  On Wednesday, I had decided we would visit Historic Jamestowne while my husband played golf and then after lunch we would all go to the Jamestown Settlement.  (He had decided that he would skip Historic Jamestowne since we had seen it the last time we went to Williamsburg.....about 20 years ago.....and go to Jamestown Settlement since we had not seen that before.)

Since the golf course was on the way to Historic Jamestowne, Janice and Leon went with me to take my husband to the golf course.  We had an hour at least before HJ opened so we looked for a place to eat breakfast.

Once again we were really lucky in finding a good place to eat.  Either that or every eating place in Williamsburg has great food.  Anyway, we ate at a cafe called Four Forks Cafe.  I had banana pecan pancakes (Oh, so good!) and a side order of bacon.  A side order of bacon was 6 pieces of bacon!  I took 4 of them with me in a to-go box and enjoyed them for breakfast with my oatmeal the next two mornings.

Then we were off to Historic Jamestowne.  It was a little cool when we got there but the sun was shining and by the time we left it was much warmer.  Our park ranger docent was super.  Very knowledgeable and entertaining.  One of the first things I noticed while we were waiting around the monument to start the tour, was the tall "fence" by the church.  That hadn't been there when we had come before.  I found out why when we finally got to that part of the tour.

It was in 1994 that archaeologists started digging in hopes of finding some evidence of the original 1607 James Fort.  When we had been there before we were told (as people were told for over 200 years) that the fort was lost due to erosion of the shoreline for the James River.  I don't remember the name of the man who had been studying the available records of the time and had decided that much of the fort must be on the land because the church tower (all that remains of a church at Jamestown) would have been in the fort and it was still standing.)  He started digging and found the holes where the poles fit for the fort wall.  This first picture is a mold made of the holes.
The current walls are made from placing poles in these same holes that the original fort walls were in.

Here is a model showing what the "floor plan" for the fort.

This is a dig-site that had been covered until next spring when they will continue digging there.  It is the building where Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married.

On the model, you can see two long buildings, these next two pictures show where they were located.

In the first picture, you can see how the fort extended out in what is now the James River.  That part of the fort is in the river due to erosion of the land because of the river.

The next two pictures show a dig-site that they are still investigating.  I will be providing a link that you can go to and see a video that shows the archaeologist digging on October 17 in this site.  You can also read other information about the history of Jamestowne if you are interested.

 In the back center of this last picture, you can see bricks with solid earth on both sides.  You can see that the dirt above the brick looks different.  That is fill dirt as this is a stove.

Here is a picture of a later church built next to the church tower of the original church.
 In the forefront of the picture is the covered "dig-site" I showed in an earlier picture.

This shows the foundation of the Statehouse. When it burned in 1698, the Colonial Capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg.

I was sorry that my husband chose to skip Historic Jamestowne  because I knew he would have enjoyed learning about and seeing the changes since we had last been there.

We did get through by noon and picked him up at the golf course and enjoyed lunch at another great restaurant in Williamsburg, Victoria's Restaurant.

Then we were off to Jamestown Settlement.    After seeing a very informative film, we joined a group to tour the re-created  settlement.  We walked through "Powhatan Village" and went in a hut and saw how they tanned hides.  We also went to the "James Fort" and went in an Anglican church, a guard house, and a storehouse.  The Governor's House wasn't open for the public yet.  They are waiting for the chimneys to be build before it will be open.  We could see examples of thatch roofs on the buildings. 

They have replicas of the three ships that the first settlers used to come to America that you can go aboard.  I can't imagine that trip.  The ships weren't that big.

I can't believe that I took NO PICTURES at Jamestown Settlement.  My husband took a couple of pictures of the ship that I had planned to use, but they have disappeared from his camera.  He told me he had found some pictures online that he emailed me that I could use.  Can you believe it?  I told him I had refused to use any pictures of this trip that were not my own.  I was tempted especially when I didn't take any pictures of a site, but I want this narrative  to be true to me.  If you really want to see some picture and read information about Jamestown Settlement, you can link  HERE.

I will give you the link to learn more about the history of Jamestown. You can also watch the YouTube video of the dig that was made in October.  From it you can go to other links that will give information you may find interesting.  Check it out HERE.

Since it seemed like all we did was eat, that night for dinner, we went back to our condo, ate some leftovers we had and played cards before calling it quits for another full but fantastic day. 

If you missed out on the beginning of our trip, you can check it out HERE.

What's next?  Check HERE. 

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