Monday, June 3, 2013


The last time Mexican Train met, we met at my house.  We meet at 12:30 and some of the women have a 30-minute I wanted to have a little something "filling" and not just munches.  

The day before while I was sitting in the lounge at Zeck Ford having a new door panel put on my new Ford Fusion (it had a scratch on it when I bought it), I was looking at different magazines.  I picked up a couple of Midwest Living magazines since we live in the "midwest" now.  The March/April issue had a recipe for Brunch Bites.  Looked cute and I liked the way you could have a variety (even though I decided to make mine all the same).  I was going to run by the commissary when they finished, so I knew I could get the ingredients I didn't have.  All I had to do was write the recipe down.

The next day when my friends started arriving, they asked what was cooking that smelled so good.  I started telling them, and held up the piece of paper that I had written the recipe down on.  Kay started laughing and said the day before she had noticed the same recipe while she had to wait 35 minutes to see the eye doctor.  She was laughing because she had just torn the page out of the magazine instead of writing it down.  She bad, I'm good! ha.

They were very good and is a perfect finger food for your get-together.  When we went to CO to visit our son and his family, I was telling my dil Sara about them and she said she thought they would be fun to do with the kids and let them fix them as they liked.  Good idea!  You can prepare these in parts ahead of time and just cover and refrigerate.  (I did this.)

I used Italian style cheese - finely shredded (purchased), diced ham (purchased), and steamed broccoli chopped up.



Crate or crumble any cheese to make about 1/2 cup.  

Chop uncooked sweet pepper or cooked broccoli, spinach, bacon, sausage or ham to get 1 cup.

(If you make ahead, cover and chill)


In large glass measuring cup, beat 2 eggs, 2/3 cup milk, salt & pepper to taste, and 2 tablespoons minced green onion (optional) 

(If you make ahead, cover and chill)

Prep the pastry according to directions on box.  Cut 24  ..  2-1/2 inch circles from two refrigerated pie crusts.

I have a little Tupperware cup that is exactly 2-1/2 inches across that I used.

You can see in my picture how you have to be careful or you won't get the whole 12 cut out.

Press into mini muffin cups  (1-3/4 inch cups).  The picture on the right shows how I did this.  After I got the circle of crust in the cup, I just pressed the wrinkles out smoothly.

(Make ahead...cover pan with plastic wrap and chill)

Assemble and bake.....

Place a pinch each of cheese 

and meat or veggie in each shell.

I also added the steamed broccoli

Top with custard (don't overfill----I put two spoonfuls)

Bake about 15 minutes at 425 degrees F (preheated)

Serve warm.

Suggestions: bacon & Swiss 
                     bacon & cheddar
                     broccoli & cheddar
                     spinach & Swiss

As I said, I used steamed broccoli, diced ham, and Italian style cheese - finely shredded.

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